January 19, 2017

red bell sleeve top worn by Christine Bennett of        red bell sleeve top worn by Christine Bennett of   Christine Bennett of styling Daniel Wellington watch silver booties styled by Christine Bennett of

How fun is this red bell sleeve top?! I’m basically the red dancing emoji on my top half in this shirt. I LOVE the huge bells and accordian detailing on the sleeves. If I could, I think half my tops in my closet would have bell sleeves. But we all know the daily struggles with bell sleeve tops. Eating lunch and trying to not soak your sleeves in your drinks. Or going to the bathroom and having to bunch the sleeves up in your hands so you don’t have any accidents. And imagine my struggles if I tried to do hair in one of these things! I did make the mistake of doing that once…and let’s just say I ended up using my hair clips to secure my sleeves all the way up to my shoulders for the rest of the day. Cute look, Christine. 😛 OH, just FYI, this top also comes in black! And these cute silver booties I got four days ago and can’t stop wearing are on major sale!

Insert perfect transition here. 

Ok so embarrassing story time. I actually was planning to post this top last week but my plans were thwarted by a bowl of soup. Let me explain. A few Sundays ago after church, Ben and I grabbed lunch, and then we were going to shoot this look before heading home. I got up from where we were sitting to empty our trays, and as I approached the door to take my tray inside, I slipped somehow and an almost full bowl of soup slid forward on the tray and sprayed all OVER me. Literally in my hair, on my camera, all over my clothes. It was TERRIBLE. Not to mention the fact that the soup was orange in color so it basically looked like I threw up all over myself. I was probably being a little dramatic but I was so annoyed! Mostly at the fact that it was in my hair. A perfectly good hair day gone to complete waste. I mean I still had probably another day left in that style. And if you’re anything like me, you kinda hate hair washing day, especially when it comes early and uninvited. 😛 Needless to say, photos did not get taken, and I might have almost cried over spilled soup. (Milk would have been better even though you’re not supposed to cry over that either. Please get my joke. 😛 )

Whelp. That’s all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed my not very important story.

P.S. You can use my code MOX_IE for 15% off of your purchase at Daniel Wellington. I almost never leave my house without one of my watches on!




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