January 10, 2017




Oh hi guys! Happy Tuesday to you fine looking people. I am currently waiting for my French Press coffee to finish steeping. Which means that I’m not yet fully awake. I love making my coffee with the French Press, but honestly the waiting sometimes kills me. Need. Coffee. NOW. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a coffee addict. And I’m sure my kid will be just like my parents and grandparents have been before me. I mean I’m pretty sure my uncle has about eight cups a day so it’s basically in my blood.

So this is my first ever fur jacket. I see them all the time and love them but I haven’t ever pulled the trigger and got one. I am a little averse to more “hairy” ones but this one is just the right amount of furry. 😛 Because faux fur jackets are quite a statement piece, a great tip for styling them is to keep the rest of your outfit simple like I did here. Black jeans and a simple white tee will do the trick! Band tees are also the perfect thing to pair with them.

Funny story about band tees. I love them. But I always feel like I would be a poser if I wore them. That might mostly be because despite the fact that I know a lot of music but I don’t always know who sings the songs. So I do “know” the bands on the tees. I just don’t know that I know. Confused? Yah, me too. Ben will bet me exorbitant amounts of money that I can’t name a rock band singing whatever song that’s on the radio. And I never agree because if I were to get it right, it would just be a lucky guess. Not to mention the fact that it would also be dumb seeing that we have shared finances. No thanks, I’ll keep my pride. Also when will it be cool to have Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift on your band tees? That, I can get behind fully.

OH. Can you tell that my coffee was ready about half way through this post? Sarcasm and random site notes about band tees courtesy of my good ol’ French pressed coffee.

P.S. I always feel a little guilty posting things that are out of stock, but hoping that you maybe came for some inspo as well as the aforementioned sarcasm and side notes. If not, I linked a few others below, and mine will probably be restocked!

Have the best day!




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