January 30, 2017

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Happy Monday! This pink velvet top is such a statement piece, and if you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m obsessed with wearing the color pink so it was an obvious choice for me. I love how adding a fun texture like velvet can instantly change an outfit. I’m all about lots of textures in my wardrobe. If you’re a person that wears the same color palette over and over, adding in textures is one of the easiest ways to add variety! If you are curious about shopping at Shein where this top is from, read my review here.

 These booties from Public Desire. You guys. I love. My client had the Kendall and Kylie ones, and I really wanted them, but their original price tag was a little high for me. So when I saw these, I was so excited. They’re the perfect bootie to pair with jeans and dresses! And they come in a few different color options!

So I decided it was time for another one of my five things you don’t need to know segments. And all of these have one thing in common, they took place in South America. The inspiration behind this is that I’m probably heading somewhere in South America soon so it reminded me of all these things. One of them Ben cannot believe I did (ok, he actually probably thinks that about more of them because he kind of thinks I’m crazy most of the time). Can you guess which one in particular might classify me right up there with crazy though?! 😛

  1. When I was in Cancun with my best friend last summer, we did one of those things where the little fish eat the dead skin off of your toes. You guys. It was pretty gross. We screamed. A lot. And the spa employees were cracking up at us. I’m not sure what made us decide that was a good idea. But we had 25 minutes of memories made right there…

2. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday ever, and Ben and I once spent a Fourth of July sick in bed IN Mexico. Talk about super terrible. I didn’t mind necessarily that we were in Mexico actually. I mean obviously I planned our vacation. We had this great plan to go get illegal fireworks and light them off. (I mean legal in Mexico, obviously. Just probably illegal everywhere else. 😛 ) Instead there were just lots of fireworks going off inside our bodies. TMI? Whoops. 

3. I got fillings, like from a dentist, when I was in Colombia four years ago. I was on a missions trip, and we were working with an American family that had lived there for over 15 years. I had gotten a quote on my fillings here in the States, and when I heard the quote in Colombia, I couldn’t pass up the deal. Ya’ll probably think I’m crazy but one, I was poor and didn’t have health insurance. And two, I figured since this family had used this dentist to give all of their kids braces, I didn’t have much to lose. Ok, yes maybe I’m crazy. But I didn’t die, and I’ve still got those same fillings. 😛

4. On that same trip to Colombia, we danced literally every night, and it made me think I was born in the wrong country. Like when everyone is just sitting around hanging out, they turn on music and everyone starts salsa dancing. Dreams, right there, people! AKA I LOVE dancing.

5. It takes my saying no more than three words in Spanish for a barrage of questions to start. Where are you from? Why do you know Spanish? How did you learn Spanish? Etc. In the airport in Cancun, I went to order a coffee, and just from saying my order, the girl started with aforementioned questionnaire. I am fluent in Spanish, in case you didn’t know, and apparently my accent is pretty good, and most people think I am from a Spanish speaking country of European descent. I’l attribute that to the fact that most of my college Spanish professors were from Spain.

If you’re ever in South America and you see a crazy blonde girl spewing Spanish and doing crazy things like getting fillings, come say hi. 😛



Photos by Alena


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