February 2, 2017

cozy cream coat winter style by Christine Bennett of  cozy cream teddy coat styled by Christine Bennett of    cozy cream teddy coat styled by Christine Bennett of  

THIS COAT. You guys. I just can’t describe it. I mean I can. What’s with us all saying “I just can’t” when we almost 95% of the time can. What are we going to tell our children about all of these terrible statements we used in our lives?! It’s ok, they’ll probably be just as ridiculous as we are. Ok, back to the jacket. It’s just basically like wearing a blanket but that is totally acceptable to wear in public. It’s so soft and cozy. I only wish I got it sooner because I don’t know how many more cold days were are going to have here in Southern California. (Do you like how Wednesday’s post was a swimsuit, and today I’m wrapped up in a coat. 😛  ) Anywho, you need this jacket. Even if it’s to save it for next fall. Because blankets are timeless, and everyone will want to hug you. If hugs don’t motivate you, who are you??? But for real, nothing beats a good ol’ hug. I remember before Ben and I were super serious, we would do those extra long hugs, you know the ones. LITERALLY THE BEST. Hey Babe, let’s do those hugs again, mmmmk?

Alright sorry about that hug tangent. Sometimes I’m typing, and I just think of things to say. That may or may not have anything to do with what I’m talking about. But that’s basically what it’s like to talk to me in person so now you’re prepared if you ever meet me in person.

Ok, I’m currently catching up on The Bachelor, and you guys, I’m just not that into this season. I’m not that into Nick. I’m super not into Corrinne. I’m into Vanessa. But I don’t even know if Nick is good enough for her! I’m just saying like HELLO WHERE IS LUKE WHEN YOU NEED HIM? But seriously ABC, next time give the people what they want. For now, we can just watch Corrinne giving Nick what he wants. At least it’s entertaining?

Update because I’m still watching…the whole date surrounding the haunted house crap. If I was on the show, I legit would have left that date or sat out. I believe in God, and I believe in angels and demons and ain’t no messing around with all that evil stuff. UM NOPE BYEEE. 😛 You might think I’m dramatic but that stuff ain’t fun and games to me.

On that note… 😛

Have the best weekend!




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