February 20, 2017

styling cutoff shorts by Christine Bennett of

styling cutoff shorts by Christine Bennett of styling cutoff shorts for spring by Christine Bennett of  how to style cutoff shorts by Christine Bennett of how to wear cutoff shorts by Christine Bennett of    brown chunky heel Matisse boots by Christine Bennett of

You guys. I survived. What you might ask? Pacific Storm Lucifer. Supposedly, it was the craziest storm Southern California has had in 20 years. But it just seems like it was a whole lot like the real Lucifer. A lot of bark and no bite. 😛 (Who names these storms anyways?! I did a little research and apparently they go through the alphabet one letter at a time to name storms, and this name was picked through a vote on a FACEBOOK page! Like srsly people?! ) I do know there was some flooding  and other things that happened in certain areas, and yes there was a pretty good rain flow happening but if I managed to wear my cute little gingham dress sans tights to Blake Shelton in the biggest storm of the century, it can’t have been that bad!

AND. If two days prior I was wearing this, then all of the above sounds about right for Southern California. I mean you basically get two options here, Sunny and 75  or Sunny and 95. And then occasionally Lucifer rolls through, disrupts your day slightly for a hot minute, and then you’re back to your wearing your cutoff shorts.

So about these cute little cutoff shorts. I got super excited when they came in the mail. One, because the fact that I was wearing shorts means summer is coming. And two, because they ended up being the perfect shorts. I ordered a medium for an oversized fit and love the way they fit. But now I kind of want them in a small too so they can be high-waisted. 😛 Styling a sweater with your cutoffs is a perfect way to transition them into warmer months. And then when it is warmer, I love them paired with a kimono too or just over a bathing suit at the beach.

This weekend was one for the books! I have to say we usually never have plans every night of the weekend. Probably because come Saturday night, I’m usually ready to just sit the night out on the couch after a long week of work. But we had the best weekend! Friday night, we went and saw Blake Shelton, which involved my singing every song and dancing my little heart out. And then Saturday we got to go to this exclusive magic club out here in Hollywood called The Magic Castle. I think you can only get in if you’re a member, and one of Ben’s friends at the fire station is so he got a bunch of us in. We got to get all dressed up, have dinner and watch a bunch of different magic shows. It was so cool!

Hope you all had the best weekend too!




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