February 6, 2017

   ash blonde balayage hair on Christine Bennett of moxiefashionblog.com   embroidered boyfriend jeans styled by Christine Bennett of moxiefashionblog.com  embroidered boyfriend jeans styled by Christine Bennett of moxieafashionblog.com

How fun are these jeans?! Embroidery is one of the continuing trends for spring this time, and every time I see a clothing item with embroidery, it makes me want it that much more. So far, I have these jeans, tops, dresses, jackets and shoes with embroidery. I would say that pretty much covers most of my options. But I definitely wouldn’t say no to an embroidered purse. 😛 If you are wondering about sizing, I am wearing a medium, but I would have preferred a small and am going to get a smaller size. But with the belt, they are cute and more of a loose boyfriend fit!


So you guys. Alena and I almost got arrested taking these photos. And NO, I’m not being dramatic. Like a lady was literally on the phone with the police and then decided to cancel it. Just as any good little blogger would do, I happened to not see the No Trespassing signs and to also not already know that it was illegal to take photos on train tracks. Alena and I were just minding our own little business taking our cute blogger pics and got especially excited when the train came speeding by, and we got photos of that too.

We should have listened to the homeless guy that came up to the fence and told us we could get in trouble and get a $300 fine for being there. But we had a few more shots to get. So naturally we kept shooting. All of the sudden out of nowhere, this guy comes storming towards us waving his hands and yelling, “Get out. Get out. You have no business being over there”. And then proceeded to yell to his colleague to call the police. We were FREAKING out. She was literally on the phone calling the police, and that guy was pretty serious about making sure we got in trouble. Like he was so mad. Thankfully, she had some grace for us, and I think realized that we really didn’t know that we weren’t supposed to be there and decided to cancel the call. We were both shaking and super freaked out.

LESSON LEARNED. And listen to the locals that come over to the fence to warn you. 😛

I mean looking back, it probably wasn’t the best idea… But you know, #doitforthegram Please tell me these are the best photos you’ve ever seen, and this shoot was SO worth it. LOL.

Hope you had the best weekend!




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    Omg love this look! I actually take the fullerton train to school in LA so this is so funny! glad you didnt get in trouble lol!

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