February 20, 2017

everyday curl hair tutorial christine bennett


everyday curls hair tutorial by Christine Bennett of moxiefashionblog.com

YOU GUYS. It’s a freaking CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. And it’s not even Christmas so I think that means it’s even a bigger miracle than that. I FILMED A NEW HAIR TUTORIAL. All of my OG followers (ILYSM) will know that I used to do hair tutorials all the time! Over the past year or so though, I stopped. One of the main reasons was that I wasn’t really braiding my hair like I had been so in order to be true to what I was actually doing on the daily, I stopped making them. The other reason was that I had done so many already that even though I know there are endless ideas of stuff to do, I wasn’t as inspired as I had been. I may end up going back and redoing some of my faves too since I now have a new better quality camera. And I have at least one other tutorial on the line-up to film so YAY!  

AND Ben and I are going to film a Q&A about us so I’m super excited about that. We were going to do it yesterday but Ben has a cold, and if you have ever experienced boys and colds, it’s actually the worst. Just to put it in perspective Ben sent me a meme that said, “During labor  (childbirth) the pain is so great that a woman can almost imagine what a man feels like when he has a cold”, accompanied by his own comment, “Someday you will understand…” UM, REALLY?! That’s a big fat NO. Needless to say, it was not the time to record videos.

Today’s tutorial is just my everyday curl tutorial. I’ve had a few requests for this so I figured I would give you guys an updated one! I’m always talking a little bit about a few tricks I do to make my gym hair work for me!

The dry shampoo and my Nume wand I curl with are linked below! And I have this Hot Tools iron that is one of my number one recommended tools for everyone to have!

Enjoy, and let me know what you want to see next! I’m up for any suggestions you have for video content!




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