February 28, 2017

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I get asked constantly about my workout and diet routines, and I’ve been trying to figure out how exactly I want to start incorporating that into my blog. So I need to hear from YOU. What do you want to see? What would be helpful for you? I’m honestly up to post about whatever it is you want to see. From my grocery list to recipes to videos to my favorite music to workout to. I know I find so much motivation through Instagram and blogs myself so if I can provide that at all to any of you, I would be so excited. I’ve already gotten a pretty good response from when I have posted workouts on my Instastories so that has been fun for me. But PLEASE tell me what you want to see!

To start off, I will give you a little bit of my fitness history and what I do day in and day out. And then hopefully you can go from there and give me some ideas of what you want to see! I have gotten requests to do a week long food diary so I’ll probably be doing that soon!

I started running at the ripe ol’ age of 12 years old. I was homeschooled my entire life (fun fact if you didn’t know), and when it came time to decide what to do for P.E. Class, running seemed like the logical choice since my dad was a runner. He came home from work every single day after being up at 4am and working 10 hour days of physical labor and would still go for a five mile run! My mom also worked out nearly every day, and her cardio of choice was bicycling. And then on top of that, my siblings and I could often be found doing jumping jacks and push-ups in our backyard with my mom as our instructor. Needless to say, fitness was a part of my family’s every day life, and I am forever thankful for that because there’s never been a question as to whether or not it’s a part of mine.

I’ve barely gone a week ever without running at least a few times, and at my best, I even qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon. #proudmoment. I have run four marathons, and while I currently I don’t have plans to train for any, running is still very much a part of my fitness routine.

In college, I had a gym pass and tried to do as many crunches as I could to get that six pack set of abs that I dreamt of but nothing ever came of it. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that during that time in my life, I probably ate out and ate too much a little too often.

So what am I doing now???

About five years ago, a friend of mine convinced me to try out CrossFit on a Groupon deal, and I obliged. I thought there would never be any way though that I would continue to do it and pay the monthly dues that were higher than my shopping budget. 😛 But in the few short months that I  went on the discounted rate, I saw a change in my body that seemed to happen overnight, and all that I had been trying to do in the gym on my own just happened without much thought! All I had to do was show up for class, put in my best effort, and I eventually started going home with real abs! I also want you guys to know that I had never picked up a barbell or done a pull-up in my life. Yes, it was a little intimidating at first but now I absolutely love it! And I think it it is worth every. single. penny.

My current workout routine is that I go to CrossFit 3-4 times a week and then run about 3 times a week as well. My runs are almost always five miles long, and I try to mix it up between hill runs and flat runs. Some days I will do both CrossFit and go running. It’s not because I’m obsessive over working out or whatever, I just really LOVE doing it. Like if I could get all of my friends to count running together as hanging out, I’d be happy! If I don’t make it to CrossFit for a few days, I’ll incorporate some HIIT style training in with my runs. I just got this ab workout from one of my fave bloggers, Sara, and it’s so nice having exactly what to do right in front of you so you don’t have to think! I mean if I can watch Gilmore Girls and get abs at the same time, I’d call that a win. 😛

I also am very disciplined with what I eat and would say I do maybe 75% paleo with a side of chips and salsa. I’ll do a more detailed post on food later but I am so thankful I figured out what works for me and still gives me freedom in my diet.

And that would probably be my number one piece of advice, find what works for you and DO it. We get so caught up in our minds obsessing over stuff and making it a big deal but if we just do it, we’ll realize it’s not so hard after all. If you love cycling, do that. If you love a boot camp, do that. Just find something that gets you excited to workout and do it!

Ok, longest post ever. But PLEASE let me know what you want to see here on my blog in regards to fitness. I love love love helping people and fitness and health so I will be so excited to talk about whatever you guys want!




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