February 1, 2017

neoprene mesh black Asos one piece swimsuit black one piece swimsuit under $60 styled by Christine Bennett of   

Sunday was the most beautiful day here in Southern California. So Ben and I decided to go to the beach, and I finally got to wear my new one piece swimsuit I bought a few months ago. I am IN LOVE with this suit. It’s so unique and different, and that’s exactly what I love about all the one pieces out right now. I feel like designers get so much more creative with one pieces than two pieces so they are all I have been wanting to buy lately!

Which is kinda funny because I actually used to HAVE to wear one pieces because I wasn’t allowed to wear two pieces, and I hated it. I wanted to wear two pieces like all of my friends, and now I think even the style of one pieces I used to have to wear are cute. So funny how that happens. I mean maybe it’s because I’m not forced to wear one pieces anymore, or maybe because they are in style now, but I could be totally fine not wearing two pieces. Although I think it’s time I add a few to my collection because I have already bought four one pieces in the last two months. 😛 I’m especially excited about this one coming in the mail. I just am going to low key need a bomb spray tan to make it look as good as it does on that girl. I also just ordered this one and this one. I’m on a bathing suit rampage because summer makes me happy. 😛

Ok guys, I am SO white. But if I look semi-tan in this post, it’s because I have been using this St Tropez self tanner that I’m now obsessed with. One of my girlfriends had told me I should try it last year, but when I saw how much it was, I opted for a cheaper version. Then low and behold, I found some at TJ Maxx for SIX DOLLARS. So of course, I had to try it. And then I went back to buy all the rest of them they had there but sadly they were sold out. But I am now a believer, and I will even pay the full price when I need to get a new one. If it just takes $32 to not look like a ghost or an oompa loompa and not get skin cancer, then sign me up!


I gathered together a bunch of my fave one pieces from some of my fave retailers, most of them under $60! You can shop them all by clicking on the photos.

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