March 2, 2017

little white dress styled by Christine Bennett of

Little white dress styled by Christine Bennett of                 

Everyone always talks about the LBD but I’m here to tell you that the real winner is the LWD. There is just something I love so much about white. I used to barely ever wear white but over the last year, I have added SO much of it to my wardrobe, and it is probably the thing I grab the most often when I don’t know what to wear. One of my favorite go-to outfits is a cute white top with lace detailing, some jeans and fun shoes! And I have also built quitthe collection of white dress. Besides weddings, a white dress is a great option for almost any event. I love how they make a statement, and there’s just something so feminine about them.

Ok, speaking of wearing white dresses to weddings, can someone please tell me how that has become a thing recently??? I do not understand! The bride is wearing white, and she should shine. And not to mention if you do wear white, everyone is staring at you and wondering why you’re wearing white. Unless I am missing something, and there’s some new trend I don’t know about. But if you were one of the 220 people at my wedding, and you had worn white, I would have seen you and dropped you. 😛 Ok rant over. Unless you have the answer for me. Because I need to know.

This week needs to hurry up and pass by. Ben’s schedule between fire and the Marine Corps overlapped this week, and he’s basically gone, except for one night, for a little over a week! Too long for me. I’m gonna go see him Saturday night for dinner, but I’m ready for some real QT together. Just holding out for next week and praying he doesn’t get called into work!

Ok, what’s your vote?! LWD or LBD?

Hope you all are having the best week!




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