March 16, 2017

black distressed overalls styled by Christine Bennett of

how to wear overalls by Christine Bennett of          

When overalls resurfaced a couple years ago, I figured they were not going to be around long, but here I am still wearing them. (Let’s just hope I’m still in style right??? 😛 ) I love how they’ve just sort of progressed with the denim trends. The two pairs denim pairs I have now are both distressed and a little looser fit. I had been on the hunt for just the right pair of black overalls, and when I saw these on Shein, I was so excited. Not only did they end up being a perfect style and fit, they’re a freaking steal too! I had this weird thing where I wanted the straps to come all the way up in the back just like they did on all the overalls I have when I was a kid. For me, the ones that stop at a normal jean height aren’t as flattering because of my bootayyyy.

If you’ve been wanting to wear overalls but you’re not sure how to style them, I think the simplest way is with a basic tee and some cute sandals or sneakers! A white top is always a good option but any color that you like works. Today’s post is a casual looks with overalls but I like them dressed up too with a cute heel or block wedge and maybe a top like this or this. Bringing in lace detailing keeps a feminine look to them and makes them look “grown-up”. What’s your favorite way to style overalls?

This week has been kicking my butt! I haven’t had that much to do but the time change super messed with my sleep schedule, and I have probably slept a combined total of 10 hours less than I usually do this week, which if you know me and how much I love sleep, does not bode well for my life. But seriously I feel like the quality of my work at work and on here can suffer when I’m tired. Which is why you didn’t see this post yesterday! And which is why I didn’t take any later clients yesterday. Ya’ll that function on like 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I don’t know how you do it. I think I’m going to try to come up with a little bid of a bedtime routine that maybe will help me get to sleep easier. And once I find something that works, I’ll share it with you guys. Do you have a special tricks and tips for your nighttime routine?

OMG. THREE CHEERS TO LEAVING TO COSTA RICA TOMORROW NIGHT.  Make sure you’re following along on Instagram so you can keep up with all the fun through my posts and stories!




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