March 24, 2017

Lola's at Avellanas Beach in Costa Rica

Lola's at Avellanas beach Costa Rica palm print bikini leather backpack for traveling Avellanas beach Costa Rica tropical print bikini       Lola's at Avellanas beach Costa Rica Avellanas beach Costa Rica


I’m back from Costa Rica! Holy cow. I don’t even know where to start. We were only there for three full days but we did so much and had the most amazing time. So I figured I’ll share all of my favorite things we did in a bunch of different posts. And you know, I’ll be sharing all of my outfit details too. (Funny story, I actually went shopping the night before I left because all of my clothes I had ordered to take didn’t arrive in time. 😛 )

The first day we wanted to have more of a chill day after so much traveling. I was awake for like 36 hours the day before! We asked around in the morning at our bed and breakfast, and one couple suggested we go to Lola’s at Avellanas Beach so we did! They have a beach front restaurant with yummy food and drinks, and it’s just a super chill atmosphere. We hung out there most of the day, went in the water, laid out, and made friends. With the locals, other people visiting and the giant pig the restaurant is named after. Well I think the actual pig the restaurant is named after, Lola, is no longer. But we met ‘Lolita’, maybe her daughter or just her successor. I actually was wondering if they were going to eventually eat her (sorry if that’s a little graphic), but when we looked up pictures of the restaurant before we went, we had seen photos of them smoking a pig on a spit. But when I asked our waiter if she was going to become bacon soon, he was slightly appalled and said she had been his friend for the last six and a half years. So if you go there, make sure to pay your respects to Lolita and apologize to her for me for thinking she might be turned into bacon. 😛

We loved it so much at Avellanas, we ended up going back another day as well! And I promised our servers I would be back with Ben so I definitely have to go because I pride myself on being a woman of my word. 😛

Ok, let’s talk outfits. I love packing for tropical vacations because you can keep everything super simple and just have a few great accessories and you’re set. I wore this hat almost every day or at least had it with me. It’s the perfect beach hat, and also comes in two other colors! I love a good pair of oversized black aviators and these remind me a lot of the $500 Porsche ones I’ve drooled over but could never bring myself to buy. My bikini is only $12, um yes please! Just probably not the best style for someone chesty, just FYI. 😛 And these shorts are vintage but I just found these super cute Levi’s at Urban, and I actually think I’m probably going to get them! I have these sandals in three colors now, and they are so comfortable, and I wore them every day there. Oh, and last but not least, I got this awesome leather backpack on Amazon, and it was perfect for the beach and hiking!

After leaving Avellanas, we went back to Tamarindo to go surfing but I’ll save those photos for another post. Because I obvi had to do an outfit change. 😛 (JK, it wasn’t vain. This suit wouldn’t be the best choice for getting smashed by waves. 😛 )

Hope you all enjoy my vacation posts, and let me know if you have any questions!




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