March 29, 2017

off shoulder romper styled by Christine Bennett of


Being married to a firefighter is kinda a weird thing. I feel like every time Ben is home, I just want to hang out with him and snuggle and be together because there are times we go days without really seeing each other or spending time together. So then when he is home, I want to forget about everything that needs to get done and just go do fun things together and catch up on life because it could be a while before we get that time again. But it’s always this weird thing of wanting to still be productive together and get stuff done but then feeling like none of that really matters at all. Take this week for example. Between my going to Costa Rica and Ben’s work schedule we didn’t see each other for a week, got in a quick date and then he was off to work again (his shifts are 24 hours). So now that he’s had the last four days off, and I didn’t work much either, we have just been soaking up our time together. Lots of cuddles and cooking together and having fun.  But we probably should have been painting our kitchen cabinets, running errands and doing our taxes. But cuddles > taxes, am I right?!

Not sure why that’s the topic of today’s post except that I was just thinking about it so there ya go. 😛

Now onto the fashion of today’s post. I snagged this cute little romper the night before I left to Costa Rica at Forever 21. If you didn’t hear, all my clothes I ordered for Costa didn’t come, and I had to run out on a mad dash to find a few things. Luckily it was one of those days I actually DID want everything at Forever 21. Seriously thank the LORD. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say sometimes you actually have money for shopping or need to buy something, and you cannot find anything! When I was shopping, I tried to find pieces that I knew I would wear again because with my packages still on their way, I didn’t want to have pieces that were solely “vacation” pieces. This $20 romper was a perfect thing for vacation because I love things that are lightweight material and don’t need much else to complete the outfit. Pair with some beach hair and cute sandals, and you’re ready dinner! P.S. All of these photos were taken at the place where we stayed, Sueno Del Mar, and isn’t it beautiful?! I can’t wait to show you more of the place!

I have sooooo many ideas of stuff I want to blog about from vlogs to recipes to fun posts with Ben, and I’m trying to get them to come to fruition but with work and stuff, it can be slow going. Meanwhile though, I have more vacation posts coming and at least one little video from our trip!

Hope you all are having the best week!




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