March 9, 2017

black floral boho dress from
 review by Christine Bennett of review by  black floral boho dress from

Dress: Shein c/o here; Ring set: Gorjana c/o here

Hidey ho, Neighbor.

Name that show. I’m pretty sure that’s the only show that we were allowed to watch when I was a kid, and I had a slight crush on JTT as well as a slight fear of Wilson yet here I am 15 years later quoting him in a blog post. *Strange*

Ok, so all of you are always asking me about shopping at Shein, and I have written a post on all about shopping there but I wanted to do an updated one for any of you that haven’t read my last one. They have AMAZING deals, and it would be easy to either get caught up and just buy everything or assume that it’s not a legit website and not by anything. I do work with Shein but I also buy from them as well because I love their stuff so much. In my two years of working with them, I have opted not to post two items because I didn’t think they were that great but other than that I love everything, and you cannot beat the prices!

So here are some things you need to know about shopping with them:

  1. The photos they use on their website are not their photos. They come from other websites such as Nordstrom, Free People and Top Shop. That being said, the item that you purchase is NOT the exact item in the photo. They don’t advertise this but basically what they do is COPY the higher-end item to bring it to you at a lower cost. For example you can compare the dress I’m wearing in this post with the one in this photo on their site. In this instance, it looks pretty much the same but there are other times that the difference are a little more noticeable. Just go in to your purchases knowing that, and you won’t be disappointed! Also, I always check to see if any other customers have uploaded photos or written reviews of the actual item because that can give you a better idea of the fit. I also follow a few bloggers that post a lot of stuff from them, and that also helps me to pick out items. (Modaprints and Champagne and Macaroons are two of my fave loyal Shein Shoppers)

2. I tend to only order shirts, dresses, coats, and skirts from them as I have had a few hangups with the fitting on the denim. However, I just recently got these shorts, these pants, and these overalls, and they all fit great so maybe I have changed my mind.

3. Shipping DOES take a while so it’s not going to be your typical shipping length. It’s usually 7-10 days but it’s also usually free! So if you can just be patient, it will come. 😛

4. For sizing comparison, I always order a small in everything.

5. Think about the prices you are paying and what you are getting! So if your $23 dress looks like a $60 dress, be happy, and don’t worry that it’s not the exact same as the $60 dress they copied. You didn’t pay $60. #winning

And worst case, just buy everything I post from them. I mean I’m pretty sure you could build an entire wardrobe just off of that so you’re welcome. Or if you have a specific item you’re curious about, just tell me. I’d be happy to look in to trying it out for you! If you want to see what else I’ve got from there, you can just type Shein into my search bar, and all my posts in their clothing should pop up!

P.S. Gotta at least talk about this cute dress real quick! I love anything boho, and the bell sleeves are the icing on the cake. Perfect Stagecoach dress, am I right?!

Happy shopping, and have the best day!




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