March 5, 2017

striped ruffle top styled by Christine Bennett of

striped ruffle top styled by Christine Bennett of        marc fisher dupe wedges  

*Frantically trying to get post up before the best time (you know for engagement) to post on Instagram.*

Guys that is 100% my current true life story. And I’m not even a little bit ashamed to tell you.

I just spent the last five hours cleaning. Which is not how I intended to spend my Sunday. I had this great plan to clean from 11:30 to 1:30 and then to spend the rest of the afternoon online shopping for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica and basking in the glory of my clean house. Well if I had any real concept of how dirty my house was, I would have not had such unrealistic expectations for myself. When I get home from work at 8pm at night, the absolute last thing I want to do is clean. Not to mention, Ben calls me Hurricane Christine when I get ready in the morning. Which basically means I leave a trail of my getting ready-ness all over the entire house. Multiply a few hurricanes times just general house cleaning, and you’ve got yourself the kind of cleaning day that fully thwarts your shopping plans. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Thankfully I don’t do anything Mondays so no hurricanes in the forecast. 😛

OK. This top. Amazing or amazing? Answer is the former and the latter. Yes, I know they’re the same. I’m being funny. Not laughing? It’s ok. I am. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these photos because the top had sold out but Shein emailed me this week to let me know they had restocked it in all sizes so I felt it was my duty to show you it in all it’s glory as well as give you a PSA about its restock! Ruffles and fun sleeves are all the trend this spring and at a whopping twenty-two dollars, it would be wrong to pass up this top .

Oh one more thing, if you have ever eyed the Chloe or Marc Fisher wedges like these in the last year, good news, these are so comfy and more than half the price of the Marc Fisher ones!

Alright hope your weekend online shopping has been or is about to be more successful than mine. Please excuse me while I come down off my Comet and Windex high and go eat some Paleo fish tacos and catch up on This Is Us with my main.




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