April 25, 2017



PHEW. CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE IT???? I actually kinda have a cute house now. Oh right, you didn’t know it wasn’t cute before. You know, because it’s not very photo worthy. Let’s just say it was a hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture and things that we bought used that didn’t really work together. But let’s be real, making your place cute takes quite a bit of dinero. And here I am at the ripe ol’ age of thirty to tell you that nine years after moving out, I finally have a space in my house that I love. 😛 We were spending our money on other things like pursuing careers and stuff, you know,  so one day we could actually buy a few pieces of furniture we were excited about. There’s something so special about having a space that feels like yours. Ben and I love being home together in our living room, and I’m so excited to finally have a desk workspace!

OK AND MY FAVORITE THING EVER ARE ALL THESE PRINTS from DESENIO. Which if you are a girl on a budget like I have been most of my adult life are just right for you. I am obsessed with fun quotes, and Desenio has so many prints with good quotes! It was so hard to decide on which ones I wanted. They also have amazing painting prints and pretty much anything your little heart desires. They even have stuff for baby nurseries which is almost as cute as baby clothes. (Which is saying a lot because I die over all the clothes in Zara and H&M for babies.) I especially love the prints that are a reflection of Ben and I. We are always dancing in our kitchen. And Ben lives for cheesy pick-up lines. 😛

I found most of my frames at Ikea, and they were super inexpensive! And then the gold one, I got at Michael’s. It was black originally, and I just spray painted it gold. I feel like when I come home now, I’m excited to sit in my living room and take it all in because I feel like it’s my space, and I love it!

Now for the BEST part! I have a discount code for you for 25% off at Desenio. Which means these prints are even more of a steal! The code is good until Thursday, April 27th, so hurry and order your cute prints with the code Moxie25. #yourewelcome

OH. P.S. I legit downloaded a virus or something weird trying to get that clock on my computer screen. Ben had to help me fix my life. #doitforthegram 😛



Desk is Ikea



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