April 14, 2017

boyfriend fit overalls styled by Christine Bennett of



I first put on overalls again since I was in grade school a few years ago, and I keep just adding more to my collection. I love this boyfriend fit pair with this super feminine top. I also just ordered this top in a short sleeve version because I’ve been wearing it so much so I want one that I can wear in the summer and to work! I always get so sad I can’t wear most of my long sleeve tops to work. 😛 P.S. I had sooo many people ask me about this top at the wedding I did Sunday, and one girl even commented that it look like it was from Anthropologie. But it’s only $21 so snag it while you can! And even better the short sleeve version is $13!

So I just posted on my Instagram story to ask what I should write about about today, and one my best friends responded “me as your bestie”. And if I don’t get any other responses soon, it might her lucky day.

But for real, let’s talk about best friends. I don’t know where I would be without mine. Like hello half the time even though I’m married, I kind of live life as a single girl in that I’m home alone and not with my hubby several nights a week, and probably have a similar hangout capacity that a single girl would. And it’s always in those times, I’m extra thankful for really good girl friends. So often I hear about girls backstabbing each other, not supporting one another or encouraging one another, and it makes me so sad. I think that girls should just stop competing with each other, and pick up their pom poms and cheer their friends on!

I was thinking about what it is that makes a best friend a best friend and of course there’s your history and experiences or memories with that person but I came up with a list of things that make a best friend a best friend.

  1. Share my values: This is really important to me because I want someone that will encourage me in my faith and won’t try to get me to compromise my values either.

2. Supportive and encouraging: We need to be each other’s cheer leaders! I try to find ways to send a text or encourage my friends in some way. If they’re working hard at something or doing a good job, I want to let them know because that’s what I would want to.

3. Time passing doesn’t matter. I know so often life gets busy, and next thing you know, it’s been a month since you’ve seen your best friend. I want a friend who doesn’t worry that they’ve done something wrong or you get awkward or wonder if they’re mad at you if you haven’t seen each other. Life happens. And the best of friends will know you love them and pick up right where you left off.

4.LAUGHING. You guys I love to laugh. And I want a friend where we just laugh together. A lot.

5. Not afraid to tell you how they feel. I want a friend who, if they are upset, will tell me how they feel, and we can work through whatever is going on and move forward. And I’ll do the same with them!

What are some qualities you look for in a best friend?

Oh and maybe you need a friend who makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do too. And for this illustration I will write about my BFF who messaged me to write about her. When we were in Cancun last summer, she saw that they had those fish foot spa things, and said we should do it. I was like GIRL, you crazy but before I could stop her she was on the phone making us an appointment at the spa to do it. Mind you, we had only been in Cancun for a grand total of maybe thirty minutes. Like we had just checked into our hotel. But if I just get a little coaxing, I’ll try just about anything. So thirty minutes later I had my feet dipped into a tub of fish. And you guys, it was the weirdest feeling EVER. Like so weird. All these tiny little fish nibbling at your feet. Like seriously? EW. 😛  I probably will never do it again. Unless you know I’m the one on the other side making someone else try it. Come to think of it, it would be the most entertaining thing of life to take Ben because he would FREAK.

Anyways, it was the most fun memory and we still watch our videos of it and laugh, and I’ve decided having friends that make you do crazy things in Cancun is a really good idea.





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