April 12, 2017

embroidered mini skirt by Christine Bennett of moxiefashionblog.com


Hi. Hello. Yes. I’m alive. Yes, I did work the last 9 days straight. (I’m counting Monday because we did taxes all day long, and that’s worse than any long day at the salon. 😛 ) I don’t know how all of the sudden things are so busy but I’m hoping this is just a random thing. Half my clients coming in are prepping for Coachella or Stagecoach so crossing my fingers that’s it! I love working, just not that many days in a row and not these twelve hour days that have been happening. Luckily I’m just going in to work for a hour this morning and get to hang with Ben the rest of the day!

Yes, I know basically every post lately I am wearing something with embroidery. And no, I’m not sorry about it. I just can’t get enough. This mini from Shein is so flipping cute, not to mention the fact that it’s crazy cheap compared to the other ones out there. And my cute blogger friend Kate was wearing this one the other day, and now I think I need it too. (Photo of her wearing it here) Oh and if you haven’t started your white top collection yet (you need to because: life changed), then this top is a perfect place to start.

And now ladies and gentlemen (Ok, but do guys read blogs like this? I mean besides Ben, Hiiiiii Babe.), time for my little five things series. These are just five random things I’m thinking about that don’t really matter but maybe you’re on the other side of the screen like “SAME”, and now we’re internet besties.

  1. Speaking of Ben reading my blog. Every time he reads it, I know it was a good post because he laughs. And then I’m like well if no one else thinks I’m funny at least my number one supporter is laughing, and that’s all that matters!

2. I somehow managed to sleep for TWELVE HOURS on Monday night. Aka I woke up at 10:33 and had to be at work at 11. No big deal. I also somehow managed to make coffee, eat breakfast, cook myself a lunch/dinner for the day and look presentable and only be five minutes late. Go me.

3. Before I pat myself on the back too much for number two, I also left the griddle on ALL DAY LONG. Like thank the LORD I didn’t come home to my apartment burned down. I’m shocked nothing happened. Because it was literally on for twelve hours. *Buries head in hands*

4. Our salon just started carrying this shampoo and conditioner, and it is hands down the best thing I’ve ever used on my hair. And I do not usually rave about any shampoo. Well you know, except dry shampoo. Because ummm, hello day five, here I come. 😛 But anyways it makes your hair feel SO good, smells like a dream, and I also feel like I can go longer without washing too!

5. Ok, on a more serious note, I need a good devotional to read right now. If you do devotions, how to you plan it into your day? I struggle with that but I know it’s so important. I’m probably going to order this book. Have any of you read it? I love her other books so I’m assuming it’s amazing!

Ok, happy Wednesday!




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