April 27, 2017


I’ve probably said one too many times how much I love one piece swimsuits, but I LOVE them. I just feel like they have so many options for styles, and they’re is “more” fabric to work with so people get creative with their styles. I love the high neck and low cut arm on this one that gives it a sporty style. Plus can you ever go wrong with a palm/tropical print? Vacay please!

So my girl Mackenzie over at We the Weekenders, where this suit if from, hooked it up with a discount codes for you guys! If you want 15% off of this suit, use the code “Moxie” on wetheweekenders! I’m actually so excited you guys get a discount because I actually saw this suit a few months ago but wasn’t sure on the price tag. But if you LOVE it, I think every once in a while, it’s so worth the splurge on some pieces!

Ben and I went camping for the night last week (where we took these photos), and we had so much fun. We just love to get away for the night, and not have dishes threatening to steal us away from each other. 😛 We have lots of good beach campsites within about an hour of us. There’s just something so peaceful about being by the water. It’s like time stops. And for everyone who asks and thinks I’m crazy, YES, we slept in a tent. It’s not that dirty, guys! Plus, that’s what the ocean is for! 😛 We had good Mexican food, watched the sunset, listened to country tunes and had a bonfire. Which is basically heaven to me. I’m pretty sure Jesus likes all those things too so I’ll be set when I actually get there some day. #amensista

P.S. If you are a white girl like me, ya’ll need to get this St. Tropez tanner. It works wonders, and even if you’re a last minute person like me, you can even apply it right before you leave somewhere. Except make sure you get a mitt. I still don’t have one… And let’s just say we pretend my cute hands are stained from hair color at work.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!



SUIT: We the Weekenders, c/o HERE


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