April 3, 2017

blue summer maxi dress by Christine Bennett of

blue summer maxi dress by Christine Bennett of moxiefashionblog.comblue summer maxi dress by Christine Bennett of     sueno del mar playa langosta costa rica  blue summer maxi dress by Christine Bennett of

When I went on my mad dash to Forever 21 the night before I left to Costa Rica, I snagged this amazing maxi dress! I wanted to pick pieces that I knew I would wear over and over again, and this dress is just that. It’s the perfect maxi for summer, lightweight fabric and the perfect color. Because I’m short and have a booty, I can sometimes have a hard time with maxi dresses so if you have any of those same problems, this dress is for you. My shape can sometimes get lost in a maxi dress but the wider waist band on this one helps to better accentuate my waist. And since I’m short, the front slit breaks up the silhouette of the dress, which is perfect on shorter girls. And for any of my taller girls out there, don’t worry, I totally could have worn this with wedges too and been fine!

So per usual, I can’t really leave a blog post only talking about my clothes because to be honest, I find those blogs kinda boring. Or I don’t go on as often to check them out. But tell me something about your life, and you’ll find me there every time. So here’s hoping you feel the same way:

Yesterday morning Ben came home from his 24-hour shift at work and suggested we go camping for the night. We LOVE doing spontaneous trips, and usually I’m the one to suggest them so I was doing a freaking party dance when Ben told me we should go. I was stoked. And was having visions of us sitting on the beach watching the sunset and then transferring to the bonfire with snuggles and country music. BUT WHAT THE HECK. I’m pretty sure ALL of Orange County was camping this weekend. I thought everyone had to go home on Sunday but NOPE. We drove to five freaking campsites, and there wasn’t one site available. And driving to all those sites may have taken us about three hours. I thought we would for sure find something somewhere. But we didn’t. Guys I was so sad. I might have even shed a few tears. I mean I’m supposed to be waking up on the beach right now, not writing this blog post. 😛 We tried to make the most of it and came home and had a backyard bonfire and are probably heading to the beach today but still. Can ya’ll go home next time, please and thank you! Jk, maybe I’ll just make us some reservations ahead of time so that doesn’t happen again.

Happy Monday! 😛




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