May 25, 2017



We’re gonna chat about two things today. Goals and skinny jeans. One of these is important, and one is not. 😛

How many times have you seen someone comment on an Instagram photo, “Ugh goals” or “#goals” or “#bodygoals”? I don’t know why but it kind of drives me insane. I get it if you’re being funny or you just tag your friend and say that for fun, but I think that the girls posting that most of the time genuinely mean it. And it just makes me really sad. Because wishing you had someone else’s life, someone else’s wardrobe or someone else’s body isn’t going to get you anywhere and isn’t going to get you what you don’t have. It’s just going to make you sad and depressed and make you compare yourself to everything you see. Which is a terrible way to live your life. I can honestly say I am genuinely happy with my life. And maybe you look at my Instagram, and say well duh. But that’s not why. (Also almost guaranteed anyone’s Instagram could look like mine if you wanted it to because I’m sure you wear stuff you love and get to do fun things too!) It’s because I’ve learned to be content and joyful with the life God has given me, even on the hard days. And to be happy for other people with their success too. I celebrate with people who work hard to buy a house or go on fun trips or are #bodygoals because I know they worked their butts off to get there.  God has made my life good. He’s made your life good. He is good. All we are called to do is give Him glory in everything we do. And wishing we were someone else or had someone else’s life isn’t doing that. “#Goals” is living every day to the glory of God and loving everyone you meet so that they can see Jesus’ love in you. So let’s do that, and start a new wave of “hashtag goals” that we can all get behind. 🙂

Ok, onto less important things. 😛 You guys have heard me talk about Topshop Jeans, and I just got these white ones last week in the Jamie, one of my favorite fits. They fit SO well and are so flattering, and I want them in every wash that comes out. I originally tried Topshop jeans when I found them on sale but now I think they are totally worth the splurge for how much I wear them and how I feel in them. And to balance it out, you can buy my Girl Gang tee from Forever 21 and join my girl gang for a small fee of $8.90. 😛

OH. P.S. In case you’re wondering about the dancing photos, Ben always puts on music while we’re shooting photos, and me plus music always equals dancing. 😛

I AM SO EXCITED for this weekend. Ben has huge test tomorrow for fire, and he has been working so hard studying, and I just know he’s gonna kill it. (#gobabe!) So I am taking off Saturday, and we are spending the whole weekend together. That literally never happens so I can’t wait! What are your plans for Memorial Weekend?

P.S.S. Want my pink hair? Buy this. Your hair will need to already be pre lightened for it to work, but it is so fun to have for little bit! It should last about 3-4 washes!




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