May 22, 2017


Blogger confessions Part I. I was feeling so cute and boho in this dress, and then when I saw it in photos, I was like UM NO. 😛 I had originally thought to belt it to give me a waist but I thought nah, let’s just keep it breezy. (Friends, anyone??? Please tell me know you.) Anyways, yah I don’t know what kind of magic some of these girls pull when they photograph these billowy dresses, and they look so good, but it’s definitely magic. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was better if I had real life help with height other than these heels. Short girls anonymous, over here. SO YAH. Just in case you were wondering why I’m sitting in half the photos or they aren’t full body that is why. Also this dress is actually SO cute in person, and would be cute belted too or on a beach as a swim coverup! It is currently sold out but if you have to have it, I can let you know when it’s restocked. Or if you just need a cute white maxi, I love this one , and hopefully it would have a more forgiving silhouette for all your cute photos!

While we are are the subject of blogger confessions, let’s roll with it. I give you Blogger Confessions, Part II. ( Now if only I could make like Usher and turn it into a song and make you wanna get jiggy with it and become a millionaire.)

  1. I don’t blog to get free stuff. Perks of the business, yes. But you’d be surprised how much work it actually takes and how often I say no because of that. Now if you want to pay me and I love the product, count me in. (Yes, I just actually said that. And no, that doesn’t usually ever happen.)

2. Coming up with content for each post is HARD. Usually I thank my life for giving me some inspiration and hope that you guys like hearing about my day to day life. Because if I wanted to, I could just say, this dress is cute, buy it and bye felicia.

3. Most times, I watch Friends when I should be working on blog posts. 😛

4. Almost every photo I post gets sent to the honorable Benjamin John Bennett aka da hubs for approval before I post. And on good days, he even gets a photo of how it will look in my feed too. 😛

5. My photos are generally taken on the way to date nights or outings. It’s very rare that we plan “shoots”, and when we do, I feel like it never flows as good.

6. 70% of the time I’m inspired to take photos (which is when you want to take them, obvi), I don’t have any one around to help me.

7. I take A LOT of self timer photos for OOTD’s I post on Instagram and even for blog posts. The tricky part is finding a spot to set up my tripod where no one will see me because Lord knows that would be the death of me. 😛 But I have three spots around my house that are plain backgrounds that generally will work.

8. Editing photos takes so much time and sometimes my eyes hurt so bad.

9. I delete Instagram photos when the engagement isn’t good. (Sad to admit, but we all just want to be loved, #amiright? 😛 )

10. I also have posted photos of me in my outfits and never worn them again because I realized I didn’t love the way they looked. (This dress might be one of them. #LOL) But I am getting way better at not letting that happen.

11. I buy probably 75-80% of the clothing I wear on a day to day basis.

12. The most time consuming part of blogging is probably finding links to the items I’m wearing in my posts. So Shop MY Feedya’ll. 😛

13. The most annoying slash worst part of blogging is probably having to return things in the mail that don’t fit right. Why is going to the post office SO annoying? 😛

14. Sometimes I look at my outfit on certain days and wonder how I’m a fashion blogger.

15. I have less clothes now than before I was a blogger.

16. Posting an Instagram photo can take up to a whopping 15 minutes. There’s a whole lot that goes into it. Choosing which of the 27 photos you took is the “best”, linking items, finding the perfect edit, writing a caption etc!

17. When I first started blogging, Ben and I would get in fights when we would go do shoots. So dumb, I know. 😛 But now I’ve just learned to communicate exactly what I want. Marriage stuff, people. 😛

18. I am currently making dinner, and when I think of something else to write as a “confession”, I run over to the computer to do so.

19. 50% of my photos are ruined by my making a weird face. We’ll chalk that up as a victory over the 80% that it used to be when I first started.

20. I wish I could be best friends with all of you, and we could drink coffee and talk about life.

Phew. Ok, I probably have more confessions but we’ll save that for a later date.

OH. P.S. In case you didn’t notice, yes my hair is a little bit pink! I used this temporary shampoo called Viral Color Shampoo in the shade Pastel Pink, and it’s such a fun thing to have for a little bit! I’d say it lasts 3-4 washes. Which for me means like 2.5 weeks. 😛

Alright Happy Tuesday, ya beautiful people!




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