June 28, 2017

forever 21 affordable swimsuit


I LOVE SWIMSUITS. I was just looking through my drawers of them in my closet, and thinking dang girl, you need to either calm down or get rid of some of those. But then literally one of my tabs open right now on my computer is this suit for the Fourth of July.  (I promise it’s been open for two days because I’m deciding if I really need it. 😛 ) So I don’t know, probably just need to get rid of some of the ones I’ve had forever.

I also love affordable swimsuits! I really can’t justify spending that much on a suit unless it was the best thing ever. I remember buying my very first swimsuit from Diane’s Swimwear back in high school. I think it was a little over a hundred dollars, and I thought I was so cool and grownup for buying a suit from there. My now adult self would probably tell my high-school self, “GIRRRL. You could have FIVE suits for that price. What the heck are you doing? No one cares how much your suit costs.” Oh, and yes the one sitting in my cart is on the pricier side. Hence why I haven’t bought it yet. But if I justify it, it will be because America and stuff.

Anyways, I recently discovered Amazon for suits! Like what??? They have everything. And they also have Prime. So you know when it’s three days before your vacation, and you convince yourself you probably need another suit or five to throw in your suit case “just in case”, you can. Two of my suits in this post are Amazon! For $15 to $20 for the whole suit, you really can’t pass it up! This blue one is probably my favorite, and it comes in tons of other colors. Shout out to Candidly Chan for that find.

Both of my one pieces are from Forever 21! The white is sold out but I linked a few others I found that are reasonable. White has officially made it to every part of my wardrobe.

Even though I only wore approximately five of the 27 (only slightly exaggerated) suits, I brought to Cabo last week, I don’t regret overpacking. #noregrets #options #amiright

Hope ya’ll are having the best week! My brother got into town last night with his wife and four kids, and I am SO excited to spend time with them over this next week. And probably spend more time in the rest of those 27 bathings suits that need some love. OH. And I’m so excited for the Fourth of July. It’s my favorite holiday, like ever.

Ok, byeeeee.





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