June 26, 2017

Oh hola, mi bonitas! I’m back from my second trip to Cabo this month. It was a little crazy to spend so much time traveling in such a short period of time but my BFF, Alena, and I had the amazing opportunity to partner with One and Only Palmilla,in Los Cabos, Mexico, and it was an offer we just couldn’t resist!

And you guys. Oh my gosh. I literally don’t even know where to start with One and Only Palmilla. So I’ll just begin by saying that everywhere you go all over the property, the staff greets you with a friendly Hola and a hand to the heart. We asked about this practice and were told that it comes from a native tribe and is to show the sincerest form of welcome, as if coming from the heart. And that is exactly what characterized everything at One and Only Palmilla. Incredible service from genuinely nice people who actually cared about how you were doing.

The resort itself is remarkable. An oasis in the desert, if you will. Palm trees and other tropical plants line the entrance and the entire property. Photos don’t do the ocean views justice, and every corner has something cute that you want to snap a photo of. Which of course we did. #bloggers (I always joke hashtag blogger but actually I’m totally the person that even before blogging loved to have photos of everything I did so I can go back and really cement those memories in my mind!)

Our room was this gorgeous suite with a huge balcony overlooking the beach. Every night we went to sleep listening to the waves crash. My favorite thing in our room was the shower and bathtub! I’m a sucker for a cute bathroom, and nothing beats a rain shower after spending a day at the beach. 😛

We spent a few of our days at Pelican Beach, the resort’s very own private beach, complete with shaded cabanas or lounge chairs in the sun. We listened to the waves crashing, napped, laughed a lot and had delicious coconut margaritas. The waves were a little crazy while we were there, but when the water is calmer, the resort offers free water sports, kayaking and paddle boarding, and snorkeling. One thing I loved about this resort compared to where I previously stayed in Cabo was how private and not crowded things were. It’s so peaceful, and even while you’re walking around the resort, you never feel like there are a ton of people there, even though they said they are generally at 80% capacity! If you’re not a beach person or just want to change things up, there are a few infinity pools overlooking the ocean that feature incredible views and swim up bars.

The resort features several different restaurants, with varying cuisines, depending on what you want to eat. There’s Sear for amazing Black Truffle pizza (yes, it’s as AMAZING as it sounds) and steak, Suviche for sushi and seafood (our favorite was the salmon and avocado roll that came with this bomb peanut sauce!), Agua for Mexican offerings with a Mediterranean flare (shrimp enchiladas on point!), and Pelican Beach bar because #chipsandgauc! You can also have any of your meal selections delivered to your room for in room dining if you prefer.

We also enjoyed a pedicure at the spa where we were given a treatment different than anything I’ve ever experienced with a pedicure! The resort has this special procedure where they focus on the actual health of your nail more than just trying to make things appear pretty. This might be TMI but my toenails are always painted and tend to be a little yellowed but after the treatment, they looked like brand new little toenails! And I learned I need to let those little piggies out to breathe a little more. 😛

Each night after dinner, we came into our room, and our bedding had been turned down with our robes and slippers on our bed. Candles were lit in the bathroom, and soft music was playing. I’m pretty sure I need to hire someone to do a turn-down service at my house every night because it made me actually want to go to bed sooner! 😛

I can’t say enough good about One and Only Palmilla. Especially their impeccable service. It was such an incredible week with my BFF, and I would love to come back some day with Ben!

Hope you all are having a fabulous start to your week, and let me know if you have any questions!





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