July 17, 2017

GOOOOOD morning. I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here. A whole week! I am going to be honest with you, part of the reason is that I’ve been feeling slightly unmotivated. I actually have photos done and ready to go even for posts. But just posting an outfit along with some sarcasm a few times a week can seem a little pointless. I mean honestly you can find that with basically every other blogger out there. (Except maybe some of the good deals. How about when they say, OMG this top is such a great deal; it’s under $100. Um excuse me, that’s not a good deal. $20 is a good deal. And if I wear a $100 shirt, I will super super love it and not say it’s such a great deal. 😛 ) Ok back to my point. I want to give you guys a reason why you’re here. I mean good deals yes. Or maybe you come for my little random stories or facts about my life too. But I also want it to be something more than that. I recently asked a little on Instagram what kind of topics you want to read about, and a lot of you asked for stuff on Jesus, marriage and fitness. Which I will definitely be working on. Those just take a little more time because I need to get fitness photos or photos of Ben and I etc. So I would love to know if there are any specific  topics you guys want to in a post like today’s, you know that I could be writing about instead of telling you why I’m unmotivated. 😛

Alrighty, on to the good deals. This dress is actually a good deal. I sometimes don’t love certain maxi dresses on me because I’m short and have a booty (where my girls at?!) but the way this one falls and cinches in just the right places is so flattering! I am wearing a size small!

So did you guys hear my saga of my food getting stuck in my throat over on Instagram?! LOL. At least now I am laughing out loud. So Saturday at work I was eating super fast, and a piece of food (I think a brussel sprout. Dangit I love you, but now I kinda hate you) got stuck in my nose/throat area. I didn’t think much of it because if you’ve ever had that happen, you know that just a few sips of water and some exaggerated swallowing, and it’s gone. Well yah NOPE. You guys, it stayed there for TEN HOURS. It was one of the most miserable things ever. I was snorting water and air all night trying to get it to come loose. I couldn’t go to sleep because I was scared I would just wake up choking. Ben even took to BLOWING AIR INTO MY NOSE to try to get it to come loose. It was so weird. Actually the whole thing was so weird. And all day yesterday I was scared it might happen again so I chewed my food so much that a baby bird could have eaten it. 😛

Oh and in case you’re wondering, why YES, the title of today’s blog post is almost completely obsolete but it was either that or “FLORAL MAXI DRESS”, and since it twas a brussel sprout I choked on, I found that said title stolen from my reusable Sprouts grocery bag to be much more exciting. I mean I do eat the brussel multiple times a week so it kinda works…?

Well I hope you enjoyed my story of my dramatic weekend. And if you heard it for the third time already, I’m sorry. But you just need to give me something else to talk about, mmmk?






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