July 30, 2017

treehouse airbnb atlanta

treehouse airbnb atlantatreehouse airbnb atlantatreehouse airbnb atlantatreehouse airbnb atlanta

Two weeks ago, my friend, Kate, who lives in Florida texted me to meet her in Atlanta on July 23rd. She had booked a stay at this amazing treehouse (which I should have already heard of since it’s EVERYWHERE), and while she had been waiting the six months it took for it to finally be time for her reservation to be here, it ended up that her husband wasn’t going to be able to go with her because of work! It was crazy for me to plan a trip out of the blue so last minute and so close to our trip to Belize. But when she sent me a photo of where we would be staying and said here’s some motivation and Ben basically told me I had to go, I decided to do something a little crazy and take a red eye to Atlanta just for two nights.

AND OH MY GOODNESS, am I glad I did. I feel like I don’t really need to say anything because the photos above speak for themselves but since you’re here to read what I have to say, I guess I will. 😛 We pulled into this neighborhood that you would probably never think would house such a magical treehouse, then down the driveway where the property is that the treehouse is on, and all of the sudden it feels like you’re in another world. The owner, Peter, built the treehouse something like seventeen years ago, and now in the last few years this treehouse Airbnb in Atlanta has become one of the most wished for destinations on Airbnb! There are two rooms connected by a bridge. The first is the sitting area pictured above and the second is where you sleep! I can’t even explain how magical it is to fall asleep to the sounds of nature among the trees. It really felt like we were in some crazy place in the forest. One of the mornings we woke up to rain, and it was so incredible. We just laid there in our bed, fully covered by the roof but fully exposed to the sounds of nature and the rain falling all around. It was AMAZING.

To answer some very important questions. Yes, there is a bathroom for you to use but it’s not in the treehouse. The bottom floor of Peter’s home, just a short walk from the treehouse is where you can go to go to the bathroom and shower. There’s also an extra bed in there just in case you want to escape any of the elements. But trust me, you don’t. And yes there are some bugs. But there’s a little cabinet in the treehouse with all the bug spray you need. Just don’t forget to spray your feet like I did. 😛 And lastly, yes it is a little warm since you aren’t enclosed in the treehouse, and there’s no air, but I was actually surprised at how cool it ended up feeling and how well I slept! (There’s a small but super powerful fan in the treehouse too that works wonders!)

Besides the fact that you get to sleep in a treehouse,  (um hello reason enough that you need to go stay there), let me also tempt you with this. When you arrive, Peter will ask you what time you want your coffee in the morning. And then the next morning, he rings a bell when your coffee is ready, and you go grab a little basket filled with a thermos of coffee and everything else you need, and you get to drink your coffee in a treehouse. Which is basically heaven. So ok, bye. Go make your reservation. 😛

Just as an FYI, when you go to book, you might be a little sad to see how far in advance you have to book. (I think it’s up to a year now, barring any cancellations. 🙁 ) BUT. If you can manage to hold out, it’s so worth it! Shout out to my girl Kate for waiting for me and inviting me last minute.

P.S. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram because Ben and I are heading to Belize at the end of the week! EEEK! I mean and be checking back here too because I’ll be posting all about where we stay, what we do, what we eat and what I wear!






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