July 7, 2017

So the other day, I saw this girl wearing a white dress while she was out with her boyfriend or husband, and I found myself thinking, “Awe, I wonder if today is a special occasion or they are celebrating something.” And then I was like, “Christine! You wear white every freaking chance you get, ya crazy What ever are you thinking?!.” Then in that moment, I realized that people might possibly wonder that about me all the time when I’m wearing white. I mean if the lover of everything white herself had that thought (seriously, still confused as to why I did), then other people are most definitely thinking it’s my bridal shower 24/7.

Well if you’re like me, and you love white and don’t mind if people, maybe even a girl who would be wearing the same thing you are, questioning why you’re wearing white, then you need this dress. I actually saw a designer dress very similar to this on Instagram but it was like $500! I went back to try to find it to link it for you so you could really feel good about this purchase but I couldn’t remember who it was. *Sigh*. ( I am working the Italics today. 😛 ) Just FYI on sizing, I am wearing a size four, and it fits perfectly!

Alright time for a new round of five things you don’t need to know!

  1. So the other day I was reading this book that mentioned the year Facebook started, and it made me remember exactly when I made my Facebook. Because if you didn’t know, Facebook actually started out as a social network just for college students. AND you could only make one if your college was on “the list” of colleges. I literally remember multiple times sitting in the computer lab at my junior college checking to see if it was finally cool enough to make the list so that I could make one and being so annoyed and feeling like I was being left out of something super cool by not being allowed to join simply because I “only” went to junior college. 😛 Imagine my excitement when I was finally able to make one. And look how far we have come. My 83-year-old grandma has one. How’s that for all-inclusive?

2. Speaking of Facebook, my last status update most definitely was asking if anyone was selling a washer. And the one before that I’m pretty sure was my asking if anyone was selling a car for my little sister. And probably about a dryer before that. You can tell how much I use it now. 😛

3. This week I figured out how to do one of those long exposure shots with sparklers, and I was freaking pumped. I still need to figure out how to make the person in the photo, aka me, still in focus but still. I was pretty impressed. 😛

4. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday ever. Probably because it screams summer, and summer is the best. The neighbors’ bomb illegal fireworks didn’t hurt either.

5. Sometimes I think I should’ve been a teacher because who wants to work in the summer??? 😛 Like it’s 100 degrees, and I should be at the beach for SURE. It’s ok, you don’t really need your hair done. Goes with the whole vibe of summer, ya know?

Ok, that’s all for now. ADIOS.

Have the best weekend!







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