August 3, 2017

Just FYI this is probably not going to be the first post where you’re like wait WHAT. This has absolutely nothing to do with this outfit. But I love fashion and cute outfits but sometimes I just have something else to say. So you’re gonna get cute outfit pics and then some real talk about life and Jesus and other stuff. And then a lot of times you might just get my telling you how great my jeans fit and other random and sarcastic stories about life. Deal? Ok here we go. (And if you just came here for outfit deets, don’t fret. They’re linked below.)

So if you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE to travel. But I’m not going to lie. I absolutely HATE flying. Like SO much. I wish I didn’t so bad. I’m praying I won’t. And I think it’s getting better. (Literally flying through a thunderstorm as I am typing this, and now I’m not so sure :P) But something about it just terrifies me. I don’t worry very often. And my number one thing I always do or tell people to do is pray. But for some reason with flying, I still get scared. Even though I know Jesus is with me and looking out for me. And that He’s spoken to me so much during flights to comfort me. I just still get nervous. And I wonder if it’s because it’s something that I ACTUALLY have no control over. I might say I don’t worry about much, but is it because I still think I have some level of control? Maybe. I just want to fully trust. Even 20,000 feet in the air when I think a little shaking and baking of the airplane could be the end. (Rash I know. Someone once told me turbulence is almost never the reason for plane crushes but I still think terrible things.) And in life when there’s a little extra turbulence too, I want THAT kind of trust. That when you literally could do NOTHING if something did happen, you have a God who can do EVERYTHING. On my recent flight, I was praying as we took off and felt like God told me a few things.

See all of this I created? What if you never got to see it from this perspective??
What if you didn’t know what a cloud looks like from up here? (Ok that would be sad. They are SO cool.)

What if you never got to see cities from 20,000 feet in the air? And to know that those cities that look so tiny are filled with ALL of MY people, that I love and care about.

What if you never got to kind of know what it’s like to be in the middle of a thunder storm? The kind of storm that I can silence with just one word.

I have given mankind the knowledge to be able to do this. This is how you get “to the ends of the earth”. Can you trust me that I’m with you, WHEREVER you go?

All these little things left me feeling comforted. Because that’s what Jesus does. And I think maybe just maybe I could be on my way to being ok with flying. Maybe someday soon, I’ll even actually like it.

And kind of praying that someday is today because we’re about to get on a red eye to BELIZE! Follow along with all the fun via photos and Insta-stories on Instagram!






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