August 21, 2017


Ben and I just got home last week from probably our favorite vacation we have ever taken. Maybe it was just because we needed it so much but it might have just been because Belize was SO amazing. When we were trying to decide on where we should go, I kept coming back to Belize! And then when I started asking around about it, I got a lot of feedback about how amazing it was, what to do there and where to stay. We split our vacation into two parts, a jungle part and then a beach part. We decided to do jungle first so we could do a bunch of stuff the first part of our trip and then just chill on the beach for the rest of it. It was the perfect balance!

For our time in the jungle, we stayed at THE most amazing place called Table Rock Lodge. I have to give a huge shoutout to one of my followers for letting me know about this place. I’m sure you can see from the photos, but the entire place is incredible. It’s like it was literally just cut into the jungle. (Which I’m pretty sure it was 😛 ) There are only eight rooms at the whole place so it has a very intimate feel. I love staying at places like that because even if you’re just there for a few days, you feel like you know the staff and they know you. (Thank you Elejio, Yuri, Kassie and Colleen for everything!) The rooms are SO cool. I’m a sucker for good decor, and they look just like you imagine a lodge in the jungle would look like. There are only screens covering the windows which lends itself even more to the authentic feel of staying in the jungle. Because of this, there is no air conditioning in the rooms. I honestly was a little worried about this at first, but it actually ended up being the perfect temp for sleeping. And we wouldn’t have been able to fully enjoy the thunderstorm that happened one night or waking up to the sound of the rain in the jungle.

We ate most of our meals at the lodge. You can either prebook your meals online or let them know the day before if you will be having your meals there. Because it’s a little bit of a drive to get to because you’re going into the jungle, going anywhere else to eat would require a little bit of planning. And the food at the lodge was INCREDIBLE. They have a different menu for every day, and all of the food is so delicious. They also have happy hour everyday, and Ben and I are still dreaming about the pico de gallo and margs we had!

They also have canoes you can take out on the river that lines the property. Ben and I did this one day, and it was seriously so magical. There was no one around anywhere, and in the middle of our paddle, it started pouring rain, and I felt like we were in The Notebook. Minus the making out. Because we for sure would have tipped over. 😛 There are also tubes you can take to go tubing down the river, and they have a whole orchard complete with a baby donkey (he’ll probably be big when you get there #sorry 😛 ) that you can pick fruit from and eat!

If you are planning to go to Belize, I would highly recommend spending part of your time in the jungle at Table Rock! Ben and I always gravitate towards the beach but we had the most amazing experience at the lodge, and it gave our trip some extra adventure! We drove to Guatemala to some ruins which I will probably be posting about and went to an iguana sanctuary right in town! We had planned to go zip lining and cave tubing as well, however travel hiccups and the threat of a tropical storm made us have to change our plans!

But we honestly had so much fun just hanging out at and exploring Table Rock as well. If you are planning to go to Belize and stay in the jungle, you HAVE to stay at Table Rock! And you can thank me later. 😛

I have a few more vacation posts coming your way as well as some fashion ones too!

Let me know if you have any questions about our trip to Belize!



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