September 1, 2017


Happy Weekend! I didn’t do any blog shoots this week but I thought it would be fun to share some of my highlights from the last week along with some outfit details too! I know I love reading about people’s random stuff about their lives and getting a little bit of behind the scenes on some photos they post on Instagram so I thought maybe you would like it too! (Also do you like how I said I didn’t do any blog shoots but I have 27 photos to share? #whoops)

If THIS^^^ isn’t how you feel about the weekend being here, who are you anyways??? 😛 P.S. If you go to Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna and walk down the beach a little ways to the right, you will see an opening in the rocks that you can get through when it’s low tide. You need to go because the water there is so beautiful and amazing.


I am ALL about this tee. It comes in three colors and is only $7.99. I got these jeans for $3.99 at the thrift store! Who remembers the brand BONGO?! That’s what these are. I found some similar (that I was planning to buy before I found these) here online! Best slides from Target here.

I had an interesting childhood. AKA we had pets like this ^^^ instead of cats and dogs.

There’s a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Taco Boy around the corner from my parents house that we went to growing up. I hadn’t been in so long but we went on Sunday! If you want authentic Mexican food without driving two hours to Mexico, GO! The tacos and sopes are BOMB.

Ben’s family had a murder mystery dinner party and we threw ourselves together last minute in our best get-ups. Note Ben wearing my hat. 😛 P.S. Our names were Clyde and Clementine, and we did in fact commit the murder in the kitchen with the rope. No seriously.

I finally found some white sandals from Guilty Soles! I’ve been needing some forever. Size down a whole size!

I have been OBSESSED with one pieces all summer. I feel like I actually grab them over my bikinis now. *GASP* This one was sold out from the site I got it from but I found it HERE. I also found this one (BUYING it), this one, and this one on Amazon. OH, and these shorts are super cheap and super great. Ya’ll already know about my Shein obsession. Questions about shopping there? READ this.

This tee has been on repeat. So has snuggling with my BFF.

In case you didn’t know already, if you don’t see me on here or on Instagram, this ^^^ is what I’m doing! I work full-time in a salon making pretty hair like this! The second photo was DEF the highlight #literally of my week. I love being able to fix things and give people great hair color!

Ben and I went to Sidecar Doughnuts and Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna on Wednesday, and it was the best. day. ever. If you live in or ever come to Orange County you HAVE to go to Sidecar. Their doughnuts are UNREAL. My Target one piece here.


Hope you all have the BEST holiday weekend!

Let me know if you like seeing posts like this, and if you do, if there’s anything specific you would want me to cover in them. Like I’m thinking maybe favorite hair products, new things I buy, favorite books etc!








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