Out of My Comfort Zone

September 7, 2017


I got this cute sweater from Shop Stevie, and I had originally planned to just pair it with some denim but I wanted to try something new. I had these white pants in my closet so I decided to step out of my comfort zone (read denim and a white top) and try a different pairing! That’s what’s so fun about fashion. You can try out different things, and if you love it, keep going or if you’re not sure, you can go back to your usual the next day. A great start for trying something new is pairing one dressy piece, like my pants here, with two casual pieces like the sweater and sneakers!

If you haven’t heard of Shop Stevie yet, you need to go check her out. She’s the cutest little (now) mom blogger ever, and she has the cutest pieces on her site! I have a couple other things I have gotten from her, including the dress I wore to the Marine Corps Ball last year! I also think I need this sweater for fall.

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, Ben is packing as I type to leave for Marine Training for two weeks. And I’m so not ready for it. I’m obviously used to his being gone quite a bit already for work but for some reason this two weeks seems extra daunting. We’ve both been kind of sad the last few days, and he was actually already gone over the weekend for another Marine Training. With his usual work schedule, it’s just a 24-hour period we have to get through and then we get to see each other the next day. Which sometimes is already hard in and of itself. But this is so long. And neither of us are very excited about it. 😛 So say a prayer for us if you think about it. I am working quite a bit, going to Denver for a few days to see Alena and trying to plan other things to make the time go faster but it’s still never easy to be without your man for that long! I’m praying for an extra measure of God’s grace these next few weeks. <3

Hope you all are having the best week!

I’m off to a busy few days of work so if you don’t hear from me til Friday, that’s why! 😛







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