September 1, 2017

best place to stay in Caye Caulker


Why yes as a matter of fact, I do still have vacation posts coming to you. 😛 You think you’re going to be all on top of it, and post them all the day after you get back, and then you remember that you have a real life too, dangit.

ANYWAYS. First of all, you all NEED to go to Caye Caulker in Belize someday. If you remember from my previous post about Table Rock Lodge, Ben and I spent a few days in the jungle and then we spent the majority of our time on the island of Caye Caulker. I’ll be doing a post with the rest of my photos and where we ate and hung out but today’s post is all about where we stayed! But there is just something magical about this little island that makes you feel like you’re part of something special while you’re there.

With the help of some reviews and a friend, we decided on staying at Weezie’s in Caye Caulker. It’s just enough off the main drag of all the restaurants and other hotels that it’s quiet and secluded but just close enough that if you want to go out, it’s not far at all. (Not that anything on the island is far anyways. You can bike or walk EVERYWHERE!)

The rooms at Weezie’s are clean and spacious and have air con (as we heard several people shorten “air conditioner” to while we were there 😛 ). Ours had a balcony with a pool and ocean view. Which I took advantage of whenever I could because outside and pretty views are my jam. We also had a full kitchen! Kiki works the front desk, and she is so helpful. They have bikes to rent for $5 a day which we ended up doing for the majority of the time so that we could get around easily. The pool is so refreshing after a day in the salty ocean, and we ended up just spending one of our days napping in our room and by the pool. If you want to go for a quick snorkel, you can actually jump in the water right off the dock and see fish! Oh, and they also have a taxi (golf cart) that will come pick you up at the ferry dock when you get to the island.

So funny story. When we first arrived at Weezie’s, we actually were on the front end of a tropical storm warning. Within minutes of checking into our room, it started pouring rain, and Kiki told us we needed to go to the grocery store right away to get food since everything was closed, and they didn’t know what the storm would be like or when we would be able to find open restaurants. We hopped in our taxi golf cart and went to the grocery store, and grabbed food to make. We were actually kind of excited because it sort of felt like an emergency situation, and everyone was grabbing food off of the shelves like it was Y2K or something. (Who remembers that???) And then when we got back to our room, it was only sprinkling so naturally we put on our suits and went out to the dock and jumped in the water and then sat and watched the storm. Thankfully it ended up clearing up by the next day, and we got plenty of sunshine the rest of our trip!

When we started looking for places to stay, I really didn’t know what place to pick. We knew we wanted to go Caye Caulker, but if you start looking up places, you will notice that a lot of them aren’t super luxurious and are very simple. And now having been to the island and seeing some of the places first hand, I don’t think I would ever pick any other place than Weezie’s. From the staff to the property to the rooms, everything was AMAZING.

I have to give a special thanks to Melanie for letting us know about Weezie’s in Caye Caulker! And to Tom and Kiki for making our stay so great!








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