November 9, 2017

studded boots for fall by Christine Bennett of Moxie Fashion Blog

studded boots for fall by Christine Bennett of Moxie Fashion Blog white studded boots for fall by Christine Bennett of Moxie Fashion Blog studded boots for fall by Christine Bennett of Moxie Fashion Blog So I don’t know how trends work. But I do know that all of the sudden, I’m just really into something, and I’m like yup, this is the trending style. But in all seriousness, who decides these things? Like is it just that one designer starts selling the thing and it does well, and then every other designer (aka my kind of stores like Forever, Asos, Boohoo) starts making their version of the thing too?! Someone please tell me. Actually hold on. Going to Google it right now. BRB.

Ok. First of all, it says that I could possibly be part of deciding trends. Woah. I mean I guess that’s what fashion blogging is but that’s scary. But hey on the bright side if you look back at something you wore in five years, maybe you can just blame Christine “Moxie” Bennett, Fashion Blogger. 😛

But on the real, it basically says that the designers are responsible for it (other factors come into play too, like economy/money/social climate). So they present it on the runway, and then all of the fast fashion stores start coming up with their own versions. And YOU also help decide the trends. If you buy it, then designers and store companies know it’s a hit. If you are curious to know more like I was, you can read this article here. (There’s also this part of me that’s questioning who decided those were the right answers to my question. 😛 )

ANYWAYS. As a result of all this extensive research, I have concluded that studded boots are in for fall, and I’m here to present you with my favorites. I get most of my shoes from places like Forever 21 and Boohoo, and then I will occasionally invest in ones I know I will wear all the time. I have a pair of black classic leather boots I would consider an investment pair from Zara. And I just recently got these (which are now on sale! #rude), and would most definitely consider them an investment as well.

OK. Without further ado, I present you with my fave studded boots for fall! A lot under $40, and almost all under $100!






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