January 30, 2018


Unless you’ve been MIA over on the ‘gram or don’t follow me over there, you’d have had a hard time missing all my preset mumbo jumbo I’ve been spewing. 😛 Kidding. It’s not mumbo jumbo but if you’ve never heard of a preset or Lightroom before it may be a little foreign.

So here’s the scoop. Lightroom is a photo editing software for the computer. It can do WAY more than your basic apps like VSCO or Snapseed etc, and it is usually something used by people who would consider photography, at minimum, a hobby. Aka you’re probably not going to be buying it if you’re not serious about using it and learning all the tricks that you can do with it. A preset is a custom filter that is created in Lightroom. Kind of like a VSCO filter but it’s much more involved because of all the things you can change to create the preset. Over the past few months, I have settled on a preset for my Instagram feed to create a cohesive look. And in doing so, I realized how much fun I had creating the presets so I made several of them! And then you all starting asking me how I edit my photos so I decided I would go ahead and start selling them so that you guys could get my edits!

So here we are with that announcement! Yippee!

You can buy them HERE. I hope that you love them! And if you use them be sure to use the hashtag #moxiepresets so I can see what you create! There is a PDF included with all the deets on how to use them and get the most out of them, and most importantly how to get my exact edit that I do on all of my photos.

All of the photos above were edited using different ones of my presets!

Happy Wednesday!



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