January 24, 2018

Oh hi. What do you know? Post number two in a week. How bout dat?

I painted my piano white probably three months ago, and I kept meaning to get a post up about it. Not going to lie, I knew we were going to be doing our floors soon, so I was kind of waiting until we did them. Silly I know. But I mean LOOK. The photos really are a million times better.

To address the first question I thought about A LOT, did I/am I going to regret it? And I’m not going to lie, this one definitely stressed me out. I mean you can’t really go back from painting a wood piano white. And the response I got from people whenever I would tell them was always very skeptical. But you know they do the same thing when I tell them other things about life to so I just reminded my self that everyone would have an opinion. And so far, I haven’t regretted it!

Also, before anything, I definitely need to give credit to Bethany Menzel! Her post about painting her piano white is what ultimately led me to finally pull the trigger and do it!

So I need to get this out first. I don’t do things “exactly the way you’re supposed to”. I do them to get ish DONE. Just to give you an idea of what this means, my perfectionist, do everything by the book husband opted to literally not watch me paint the piano because my method was NOT his jam. Like he went to clean his room instead. Which he rarely does voluntarily. 😛 If you happen to be like him, go ahead and make adjustments to my process, and do it in the way that makes you feel best about the project. Has my lack of following the rules when it comes to painting a piano affected Ben in any way since? Not in the slightest. Point proven.

Here’s the scoop. I use Benjamin Moore paint in the color Simply White and eggshell finish. I got a drop cloth, painter’s tape, a paint roller, a paint brush and the thing you put the paint in. (Help, what’s it called? Too lazy at this point to ask Google. You know what I mean though.)

I taped off the hardware. And I got right to it. People are going to say I should’ve sanded it. Maybe I should have. Has it been a problem yet? Nope. Will it? Maybe. In which case, I’ve got more paint ready to go in the garage. (Notice I still said nothing about sanding. 😛 )

I basically just rolled the paint on with the roller and then in the corners and edges I used the paint brush. I did three coats, and each coat dried fairly fast. Or was it maybe not fully dry? Perhaps. BUT. Within less than three hours, I had an ENTIRELY new piano.


Simple as that.

I chose to leave the part by the keys brown. Partially because I didn’t want to cover the branding. Partially because I liked the pop of color. And partially because that looked like the most complicated part to paint. I told you. I don’t do things by the book.

And you guys, I couldn’t be happier with the result. It’s actually crazy how much it brightened up the room and even went so far as to feel more inviting. As in I have wanted more to sit down to play it. The brown color it was before was dark and austere and threw off my decorating vibes. Emphasis on the last one. 😛

And that’s all folks. If you have any questions, let me know, and if you paint your piano white I want to see!

P.S. Scroll down to check the before!





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