February 13, 2018

I need to go running more often. I used to run like 5-6 times a week but I haven’t made as much time for it as I used to so I only go 1-2 times a week. But MAN I miss it. It’s just so good for my soul. And apparently it’s where all of my brilliant ideas happen because I came up with the things for this blog post as well as like 27 other ideas to post about while I was running so here’s to hopefully more running and more brilliant ideas. 😛

I thought it would be fun to share five things I’m currently obsessed with. I love reading stuff like this from other bloggers because it helps you get to know them better and usually I’m like OMG ME TOO.

If you get a ME TOO, comment, DM, get in touch with yo girl so I know.

Here are five things I’m currently obsessing over.

  1. Cactus everything. I currently have five cactuses all around my house. Fake of course. Because I kill all plants, INCLUDING succulents. This one from Target in my fave. I’m also thinking of doing a cactus wallpaper accent wall in my kitchen! Whaddya think?!

2. T-shirts. I literally cannot stop buying cute tees lately. They are my favorite thing to pair with jeans and a cute pair of shoes when I can’t decide what to wear! I just bought this one last night. Also love this. OH and my FAVE “Mama Raised Me Right” tee is back in stock!

3. Kombucha. Ok. So Ben was drinking kombucha all the time, and I was always like ewwwww gross. And then all of the sudden I was like wait this is SO good. And now I drink it all the time. Speaking of. Legit getting up from writing this post right now to go get one out of the fridge. I mostly just drink coffee and water so it’s so nice to have something else to drink that’s not too bad for ya!

4. Dermalgoica Photo Replenish Oil . Ok. Maybe I have been living under a rock because I’ve never had a face oil but holy OMG. You guys. My skin has never felt so hydrated and soft in my life. I know I’m being dramatic but I’m serious. This stuff is magic. Expensive but magic. Do you have a face oil you LOVE? Seeing as I’m just learning about this, would love to hear all of your favorites.

5. Walker Hayes. I am LOVING every single one of his songs. Especially Beckett, Craig, Beer in the Fridge, Shut Up Kenny, and Dollar Store. Ok so that’s almost every song on his new album. But seriously. That’s how much I like it. Also Walker Hayes Radio on Pandora. #winning. That’s what I was just listening to on my run!

Ok that’s all! If you wanna shop my look, check below! P.S. My FAVE white mules are now available online!




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