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icy blonde hair with christine bennett of

  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!! I am FINALLY doing my hair post. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you either just stumbled upon this post on accident or you’re new to following me on Instagram. And in that case you’re probably not wondering why this took so long. The real answer is two-fold. One, contrary to popular belief, finding someone to help me take photos is actually quite hard a lot of the time. (While it...

Five Strand Dutch Braid

Hello! And happy Saturday! I am SO glad it’s the weekend. I actually planned to have this up for you yesterday but this week has been a little crazy! I had two 10/11 hour days in a row, and I LOVE my job but it still is so tiring being on your feet that long! Normally I would be working today, but I’m going to a baby shower so I took it off, and I am so excited because a...