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Dress: Make Me Chic c/o here; Shoes: Asos, sold out, similar here; Purse: Similar here and here

When I was searching for outfits for NYFW, I wanted something that would make a statement and be unique but that wouldn’t break the bank. Keeping up with fashion trends can be so hard if everything you buy is designer. I could’ve have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on all of my outfits for New York but I had to be practical! Aka, I couldn’t even pretend that that was an option! When I saw this blue lace midi dress and then the price tag, I knew it would be perfect for fashion week! I actually think this is a dupe for a $500 designer dress but I couldn’t find the original online.

I am so impressed with the quality of this dress! It fits so perfectly. And I love how structured it is. This dress would be perfect for a fall wedding, a fancy date night or just because you want to get dressed up. More and more, I am just wearing stuff whenever I want. Sometimes it can be weird to be the only one dressed up with I go out certain places, but it’s what I love to do, and if I don’t wear my pieces on regular old days too, I’ll end up with lots of pretty unworn things in my closet.

P.S. We went to the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop on Park Ave this night in New York, and if you want an amazing view, you need to go. The sun was setting in between all the buildings, and it was just magic.

I am so excited for today and tomorrow. Ben and I are both off together! He has been so busy with work at the fire station and other commitments with the Marine Corps that we have barely seen each other since before I left to New York. I’m hoping that we will get back to our normal soon because as much as I try to keep busy, I still just want to be with my hubs!

Happy Monday!
















Top: Chic Wish c/o here; Skirt: Chic Wish c/o here; Leather Jacket: Zara here; Booties: Target here

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that most of my pieces tend to be pretty affordable. That’s because that’s actually what I can afford while still staying on top of trends. And also, as much as I can I want to keep things affordable for you, my followers! I’m sure a day will come when I get the opportunity to work with some brands that allow me to pick things from price points I might not normally buy but when that day comes, I’ll look at it as a reward for all of my hard work I’ve put in and then I’ll be sure to give you guys similar options in lots of price points!

That being said, I bought one of the first big investment pieces. A REAL leather jacket. I would wear my faux one every other day because it’s always the perfect jacket to match any outfit. But it didn’t have much give, and I knew eventually it was going to end up doing that peeling thing. So I finally decided I should treat myself to a real one since I knew it was something I would wear so often. Or maybe I should say Ben decided for me that I needed it. Anytime I ask him if I should buy something, he says yes. Lucky for him, I don’t always listen. Otherwise he might regret being so great. 😛

Anyways, I am in love with my jacket! It’s so soft and just feels expensive, and I only just wish I had gotten it sooner! I just have a hard time spending a larger amount of money all at once on one thing. Which is funny because I would spend that same amount over the course of time on several things and not even think about. As far as leather jackets go, this one is actually quite reasonable! And it can instantly amp up any outfit and make it glam even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans! I got my jacket from Zara so make sure you click the link above to see the one I got. I sized up to a medium because my shoulders are a bit too muscular for anything smaller. 😛 I think one of the keys to a great wardrobe is having some key investment pieces and then mixing them with your trendy pieces from Forever 21 or wherever you like to shop. What are some pieces you’ve invested in that you’re happy you did?! (Because now I’m just over here wondering what else I should have gotten a long time ago. )

I was about to type that this was one of my favorite NYFW looks but then I remembered all the outfits I wore and gah, they are all my favorites! But this off the shoulder top is so perfect for tucking in to skirts or high-waisted denim! And I am loving this swing skirt too! Both of these pieces are from Chic Wish, and I literally always love everything I get from them!

P.S. Funny story. Alena and I got interviewed by Ipsy while we were out here taking photos, and they did that thing where they ask you who you’re wearing. And the funniest part to me was when I told them my boots were Target. Yah you better believe this girl makes Target designer when she goes to New York Fashion Week! I mean it’s all about how you wear it right? 😛

Have the happiest weekend!






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Dress: Boohoo here; Purse: Amazon here; Shoes: Boohoo here

This cute pink button up dress is from one of my new fave places to shop, Boohoo! I found them through another blogger I follow and when I was looking for stuff for Cancun back in June, I placed my first order with them. I ended up loving the stuff I got, and so now I have been on there probably a little too much, especially with my recent trip to fashion week! I would say their quality and prices are somewhat similar to Forever 21, but they’ve got something else that makes you want to shop there a little more!

They are always having sales! #umyesplease

So my major tip for shopping on their site is to not buy anything unless you’re getting it on sale! Every couple weeks, they seem to run a 50% off of the whole site sale. And then more often they have 30% or 40% off or just certain groups of items that are on sale! But my advice would be to create an account, save all of your favorites and then when there is a sale, buy the things you love the most!

I have found that creating an account and making a favorites folder on shopping sites is a great way for me to make better decisions about my shopping purchases. I put stuff into my favorites folder, wait a few days or maybe a week, and if I find I still want any of the items, then it’s something I actually wanted, not just because it was a good deal!

We took these photos one of the days we went exploring in New York! I actually was wearing the outfit I had on in Monday’s post, but with all of the great photo spots everywhere, I had to bring an outfit change! There was literally no where to change so we went into this random building, found a door that opened into a winding hallway, and I changed in there. Literally someone came out right after we left. Oh annnnnd as I was walking down the street right after, I casually saw Olivia Palermo, and we smiled at each other.

This place we took photos is in Brooklyn, and it’s called DUMBO! I thought it was such a random name until we found out it stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass! It’s a popular photo spot with such a cool view so you need to go if you love taking photos and are in New York!

Happy Thursday! And happy shopping!




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Dress: Boohoo here (I am wearing a US size 4); Shoes: Sold out, similar here; Purse: Similar here

Run, and buy this dress.  It’s on sale for EIGHTEEN DOLLARS and makes you feel like a princess. Yes, you read that right. You can get my NYFW look for less than $20!


This was one of my looks for our first day attending events and shows at New York Fashion Week, and I LOVED it. Something about tulle just makes you feel all girly! And if you guys can believe it, these are my first ever pair of “stick” heels as I like to call them, and they were actually so comfortable to walk around in! I think if I maybe just stick with a lower heel on these kind of heels, then I’m ok. Which makes me pretty excited because while I have always loved the look of them, I never thought I could wear them!

I finally came down with the cold that I think has been chasing me all year long. Every time after traveling or different life events, I wonder if I’ll get sick, and I usually never do! But I think traveling to New York, not sleeping much and then jumping straight back into work did me in. I’ve got a nasty head cold, and thankfully I have most of today off because yesterday when I was working all I wanted to do was be in bed! Which is probably where I’ll be most of today. 😛

Have the best day!

P.S. Sorry for the photo overload. Just couldn’t pick. 😛




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Top: H&M, similar here; Dress: Windsor (old), similar here and here; Shoes: Boohoo here; Purse: Amazon here



Literally and literally.

I took a week off from posting on the blog while I was in New York for Fashion Week because there was just so much going on! I wanted to fully enjoy the week and also we got back every night to our hotel room at midnight, and I needed to rest up for the next busy day! But I’m back with so many outfit posts, starting with this one which I wore our first day there to go exploring!

Who else wore tees with strappy dresses like this back in grade school?! It is so funny to me how all these things keep coming back around! And I love it. I actually almost got rid of this dress recently because I wasn’t wearing it at all, but usually when things are basic colors, I try to keep them around just in case! And when I wanted a dress to style like this, I realized I already had one! Score. If you haven’t tried out this trend yet, get a dress like this and pair it with a basic tee like this, a lace top, a turtleneck or even a graphic tee! You can wear it with booties like I did here, some cute sneaks or heels to dress it up!

P.S. These booties are SO comfy. I wore them around the whole day walking in New York City several times, and my feet didn’t even hurt! Just make sure to size down.

You guys. I am in love with New York! It was my first time there, and I can’t wait to go back. There’s so much to do! This outfit is from our first day, and we squeezed in so much! We walked all over, took tons of photos, went to Dumbo, took the ferry, got ice cream, saw the Statue of Liberty, and then went to dinner! It was such a fun day! As far as food goes, we found this bomb salad place called Sweetgreen that’s basically like a Chipotle but with salads. If you’re looking for something healthy and affordable when you’re in NYC, this place is perfect! We went a few times, and I SO wish we had one here! (Actually just looked, and we do have it! Just out in LA!) We had dinner at The Smith, and the gnocchi pasta was incredible! The ice cream in Brooklyn at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory tasted homemade. You have to go if you’re in New York. (Beware I went to three ice cream places, and I will tell you you HAVE to go to all of them. #icecreamlover)

Can’t wait to show you all of my outfits from NYC! I have casual ones like this that I wore for exploring and more fancy ones I wore for shows and events!

Have the best week!





thumb_img_4634_1024  thumb_img_4636_1024 thumb_img_4637_1024 thumb_img_4640_1024 thumb_img_4641_1024 thumb_img_4642_1024 thumb_img_4643_1024 thumb_img_4644_1024 thumb_img_4645_1024 thumb_img_4651_1024

Top: Shein c/o here; Dress: Boohoo here; Shoes: Extrafine Footwear here

When I saw this cute little suede overall dress, I had to have it. It can go with so many things and will be so cute with tights and booties for the fall. As for this off the shoulder top, I wish it came in a million colors because I already wore it too many times. I purposefully left it at home so that I wouldn’t wear it again at Fashion Week. These cute little flats are the perfect addition to my ever growing shoe collection!  I love all the buckles and know they will be a staple this fall!

I decided to make a list of random stuff for today’s post because why not! So here ya go!

Ten Things:

  1. I bought a pink suitcase. I might regret my color choice next year when the pantone colors of the year change. (JK, I never even knew what that was until this year..)
  2. Yesterday was the first time I wasn’t scared of the turbulence on the airplane.
  3. My order at Starbucks is always a hot coffee with room or an iced coffee with room. I add half and half and a little sugar. Every few months I’ll splurge and get a soy latte. 😛
  4. This is my first time going to New York. Everyone sounds surprised when I tell them. And I’m like why is that weird? And then I remember I’m 30…
  5. I have dreamt of running through Central Park for as long as I can remember. Well maybe just ever since Rachel and Phoebe did their flailing run in that one Friends episode. Gonna check that one off the bucket list a few times over this next week.
  6. Every new place I go, I always love to go for a run because I feel like you get to explore in a different way than you would otherwise. Last night’s sunset here in Denver was INSANE, and I never would have seen it if I hadn’t been out on my run.
  7. The excitement I have over Ben’s hair finally growing back out after he had to keep it shaved for four months is kind of ridiculous.
  8. My entire house might be pink if I didn’t have a husband. So I guess I might not regret the pink suitcase after all.
  9. I might fangirl over like ten different bloggers if I run into them in New York.
  10. A $4 bouquet of sunflowers from Trader Joes will make my day any day.


Thaaaaat’s all folks!

See you in NY!





thumb_IMG_4568_1024  thumb_IMG_4552_1024 thumb_IMG_4554_1024   thumb_IMG_4557_1024 thumb_IMG_4558_1024 thumb_IMG_4559_1024  thumb_IMG_4561_1024 thumb_IMG_4562_1024     thumb_IMG_4569_1024

Sweater: Shein c/o here; Top: Zara, similar here; Pants: Nordstrom: Here; Boots: Boohoo here; Watch: The Fifth c/o here

I have recently been adding to the collection of my must haves for transitioning my wardrobe into fall. So far I’ve added a real leather jacket that will be making its debut soon, traded some of my soft pinks in for dusty pinks or maroons and added this cozy grey sweater. I have been on the lookout for a sweater like this for quite some time. I wanted a sweater that I could just throw on whenever for all types of looks. It’s so cozy and warm and perfect for pairing with all types of denim for the fall or just over your workout outfit for errands. A few other pieces I want to add to my closet for fall are a bomber jacket, some camo green skinny jeans, and high waist flare jeans. What pieces have you got your eye on for fall? (Side note: I am curious to see if I let up on my love for white this fall. I have been wearing it so much that I can’t imagine I will. Maybe just pair it with darker pieces but we’ll see!)

You. Guys. The excitement for New York Fashion Week is real right now. I literally cannot believe I’m actually going. I have five different lists of what I need to bring/get on my computer and phone. Two suitcases and a garment bag. And probably way too many clothes and shoes packed. But I don’t really care because I’m going to freaking New York Fashion Week. We have a few shows and parties lined up but to be honestly I’m most excited to walk the streets in the hustle and bustle of it all, have great girl time, eat good food, see the sights, and hopefully dance the night away a few times. Let me know if you have any great recommendations of things to do as this is my first time going New York! I’m going with my blogger BFF Alena and a new friend who I actually have met in person yet but just know she’s gonna be first string blogger friend too, Kate!

Make sure you are following along on Instagram to stay up to date. And if you want a play by play and maybe some “dab” moves like in the above photo, find me on Snapchat! (mox_ie)



(Just fyi, the pockets on this sweater are faux pockets. A little sad. But I still love it!)




thumb_IMG_4203_1024 thumb_IMG_4205_1024 thumb_IMG_4206_1024 thumb_IMG_4207_1024 thumb_IMG_4208_1024  thumb_IMG_4211_1024 thumb_IMG_4212_1024 thumb_IMG_4213_1024 thumb_IMG_4214_1024 thumb_IMG_4215_1024

Top: Boohoo, sold out, Similar here, here and here; Shorts: H&M, similar here and here; Shoes: Here

Some girls can rock their high heels til the cows come home. Me. I just bought my first pair of “stick” high heels as I like to to call them. And they are about two inches high. We will see how long I last in them. (If I make it more than two hours, sitting included, I deserve a round of applause.) I don’t know what it is but unless I’m in a wedge or a block heel, I can’t do heels too much. And even then they can’t be too high! (Which is crazy because being so short, I would LOVE to get a little height sometimes!) So major props to all of ya’ll who work your 9 to 5 and chase after your babies in heels. 😛

Given the aforementioned you can imagine my absolute DELIGHT at the fact that sneakers are totally acceptable to wear with your everyday looks. And not just your workout wear that says I might have worked out, but I’m probably just heading to Target. With your cute trendy outfits that include dresses, pants, rompers, shorts and skirts! Can I get an A-freaking-men?!

Now, you won’t be pulling our your New Balance actual running shoes that have seven different colors on them to pair with your cute outfits. No, we must have some fashion backing on our choices. I won’t make you write a proof and show me the theorems you used to arrive at your conclusion. (Because Geometry is lame. 😛 ) But I think few parameters are good. You want shoes that are simple in style, perhaps a solid color, and have a flattering shape to them. (Aka they don’t have all those bumps and curves that your super high tech running shoes do. ) I have three pairs in my closet that I think are the perfect shoes for wearing with all types of outfits.

The first is these Nikes here in this post. They are simple, sleek, and can be paired with almost any outfit. They also have some cool texture to them to make them “fashionable”. I paired them with the look in this post, have paired them with jeans and plan to pair them with a lot of my dresses in New York. (Aka they will be in my purse when I hit my two hour mark with my “stick” heels.)  Because they have a slim shape, they are good for your more feminine, girly dresses. If you’re still unsure about the sneakers with everyday looks trend, these Nikes would be the best place to start! They’re also super comfortable so you can’t go wrong with that. (Actually that will probably be my point with every pair of sneakers I mention because that is in fact why I’m suggesting you wear sneakers with your everyday looks in the first place! 😛 )

If you’re feeling a little more bold or maybe just wore these in junior high like I did so you want to try them again, the Adidas Superstar are also a great option! You can see how I styled mine in this post here. Because of the stripes, you might be a little more limited in what you can pair them with but if you opt for more solid color clothing items they can still be a great shoe to wear! I love how adding a sneaker like this kind of tones down your outfit for a look people might not be expecting!

Finally I LOVE my pink Reeboks! (Latest version here) I obviously have been obsessed with pink this summer. And I don’t see that going away! The options for pairing are maybe the most limited with these (unless you love mixing a ton of colors, then go for it!). I love pairing mine with denim, white, black, or grey. And in the fall, I think they would be so cute with some olive green or camo! You can see how I styled mine over the summer here.

So what do you think about the sneaker trend? Have you tried pairing them with your everyday looks? These are my three faves! What are yours? (P.S. All of these shoes come in different colors than these ones so if you want something different, there are tons of options!)

Hope you’re having the best week! I’ve been busy with work and last minute prep for NY! I leave in less than a week! Yippee!




thumb_IMG_4134_1024thumb_IMG_4124_1024    thumb_IMG_4128_1024 thumb_IMG_4129_1024  thumb_IMG_4131_1024 thumb_IMG_4132_1024 thumb_IMG_4133_1024  thumb_IMG_4135_1024 thumb_IMG_4136_1024  thumb_IMG_4139_1024


OK. OK. SO maybe that’s a little dramatic to say the “Best Update Ever”, but I’m kinda serious. And if you’re serious about your online shopping like me, you might think so too. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you always hear me talking about If you’ve been curious enough or maybe followed some of my Snapchat tutorials on how to use it, maybe you have figured it out and use it. But I’m sure a lot of you have no clue what I’m talking about or what it means because let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do! (If you do want a full tutorial on how to use it, you can find that here. ) BUT there’s a new update to the whole system that allows you to shop my looks at anytime via my blog without having to sign up for anything! If you just come to my blog, click on “Shop the Feed” on my blog menu, and click on whatever Instagram photo you want outfit details for, you can get them right then and there! And did I mention you don’t have to sign up for anything?! I’m super excited about this because as much as I try to explain how to sign up and all that, I know that many of you haven’t quite started using it or would rather not have to go through the work of signing up. So if that’s you, get excited! Anytime you see one of my photos on Instagram, and you want to know where an item is from, I will try to have it all linked on my “Shop My Feed”. There are of course times where pieces I wear are sold out, but if that’s the case, I always try to find something similar so that you can recreate my looks. I hope this makes shopping easier for you, and shoutout to Reward Style for this awesome update!

Alright now on to the good stuff. My outfit featuring this romper from Chicwish. If you haven’t noticed, I have had quite an affinity for the color white lately. So every time I go to pick a piece if there’s an option for white, I pick it. I used to shy away from white because it gets stained easily and being a hairstylist, you can imagine white isn’t always the best choice to wear to work. But I have found that I’m thankfully not as much of a slob as I pegged myself to be. 😛 And hey when I am, there’s always Oxyclean. That stuff works magic.

This romper has all the things I love. Off the shoulder. Girly details. And when paired with the right pieces, a little bit of a boho vibe. If white scares you to wear or you just prefer a different color, it also comes in red in and black! Black would be perfect for fall coming up, and red would be the perfect statement piece!

If you’ve ever drooled over the Free People version of these booties or just need a new pair of booties to add to your fall wardrobe, then RUN yourself over to Target to get these ones. They are a really close dupe, and I’ve already worn them several times over the last week!

Hope you’re having the best week!





thumb_IMG_3390_1024thumb_IMG_3396_1024 thumb_IMG_3391_1024 thumb_IMG_3392_1024 thumb_IMG_3393_1024 thumb_IMG_3394_1024 thumb_IMG_3395_1024


What I’m going to write has nothing really to do with this outfit. And this outfit isn’t quite the thing you’re going to be busting out quite yet because the weather hasn’t changed enough yet. But I will just say this real quick. These are the most comfortable and flattering faux leather leggings ever. And if you’re on the hunt for good quality booties for the fall, these taupe bring booties are the perfect thing for transitioning some of your looks to fall.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is fashion blogging hard?”, I’ve got the answer for you. It is. But it’s not the photography and outfit planning and writing that is hard. The part that you see isn’t hard. But what is hard is putting your heart and soul and energy into something and feeling like it doesn’t really get seen.

I’m going to be honest with you. Blogging these last few month has been hard. I blog because I love it so much. I have never in the last two and a half years of fashion blogging made any steady amount of money doing it. I don’t post here a few times a week and multiple times a day on Instagram because I have to. I do it because I want to. I get excited about sharing my looks and my life and a little advice here and there, and hopefully you look forward to it too. But lately it has been hard. Even though I do it because I love it, there are little things that help you feel affirmed along the way and that make you feel like people are enjoying what you’re putting out there. This can be anything from blog traffic to comments to Instagram growth. Because you figure if you’re doing something people like, then that leads to more people coming around, and you just expect everything to increase exponentially. Well it hasn’t. For months. And in fact in some ways it seems to be decreasing. I think some of it may have to do with the new Instagram algorithm. (For bigger bloggers, it might be helping, but for smaller ones like me, it’s hurting us!) Just to give you an idea, out of the 14K people that follow me on Instagram, only 2.5K actually even SEE my photos. Just simply because Instagram has changed their formulas so that they choose what they THINK you want to see.

And when that is happening, it is very hard to stay motivated and inspired and want to keep putting content out there! I love doing my little blog, and I’m so proud of it,  and I don’t think anything would ever change that. But it’s hard to not get bummed out when you look at numbers and stats and wonder if you should be doing something different. The whole blogging world is so inundated with countless bloggers all trying to make a name for themselves. But how are you supposed to stand out? I just want to be me and stay true to myself and for that to be what people love. But it’s hard to get inspired and excited about a particular thing you want to post about, and then not have the response you were hoping for. At the end of the day, I just have to remind myself why I do this, and if nothing else, I have a fun fashion diary to show my kids in thirty years so they can laugh at what fashion used to be right?! (Or wish that I saved all of my clothes because they’re back in style again. 😛 )

I am hoping to get some fresh inspiration and do some networking when I go to New York Fashion Week in a few weeks. I just share this today because I bet there are other bloggers out there feeling the same way. And to be honest I couldn’t just sit down and write about this outfit when I was really thinking about all this instead. 😛

 To those of you that do come visit my blog, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason I do this! And if you guys have any suggestions of things you would like to see here on my blog related to fashion, hair, beauty or fitness, please let me know!




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