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What I’m going to write has nothing really to do with this outfit. And this outfit isn’t quite the thing you’re going to be busting out quite yet because the weather hasn’t changed enough yet. But I will just say this real quick. These are the most comfortable and flattering faux leather leggings ever. And if you’re on the hunt for good quality booties for the fall, these taupe bring booties are the perfect thing for transitioning some of your looks to fall.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is fashion blogging hard?”, I’ve got the answer for you. It is. But it’s not the photography and outfit planning and writing that is hard. The part that you see isn’t hard. But what is hard is putting your heart and soul and energy into something and feeling like it doesn’t really get seen.

I’m going to be honest with you. Blogging these last few month has been hard. I blog because I love it so much. I have never in the last two and a half years of fashion blogging made any steady amount of money doing it. I don’t post here a few times a week and multiple times a day on Instagram because I have to. I do it because I want to. I get excited about sharing my looks and my life and a little advice here and there, and hopefully you look forward to it too. But lately it has been hard. Even though I do it because I love it, there are little things that help you feel affirmed along the way and that make you feel like people are enjoying what you’re putting out there. This can be anything from blog traffic to comments to Instagram growth. Because you figure if you’re doing something people like, then that leads to more people coming around, and you just expect everything to increase exponentially. Well it hasn’t. For months. And in fact in some ways it seems to be decreasing. I think some of it may have to do with the new Instagram algorithm. (For bigger bloggers, it might be helping, but for smaller ones like me, it’s hurting us!) Just to give you an idea, out of the 14K people that follow me on Instagram, only 2.5K actually even SEE my photos. Just simply because Instagram has changed their formulas so that they choose what they THINK you want to see.

And when that is happening, it is very hard to stay motivated and inspired and want to keep putting content out there! I love doing my little blog, and I’m so proud of it,  and I don’t think anything would ever change that. But it’s hard to not get bummed out when you look at numbers and stats and wonder if you should be doing something different. The whole blogging world is so inundated with countless bloggers all trying to make a name for themselves. But how are you supposed to stand out? I just want to be me and stay true to myself and for that to be what people love. But it’s hard to get inspired and excited about a particular thing you want to post about, and then not have the response you were hoping for. At the end of the day, I just have to remind myself why I do this, and if nothing else, I have a fun fashion diary to show my kids in thirty years so they can laugh at what fashion used to be right?! (Or wish that I saved all of my clothes because they’re back in style again. 😛 )

I am hoping to get some fresh inspiration and do some networking when I go to New York Fashion Week in a few weeks. I just share this today because I bet there are other bloggers out there feeling the same way. And to be honest I couldn’t just sit down and write about this outfit when I was really thinking about all this instead. 😛

 To those of you that do come visit my blog, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason I do this! And if you guys have any suggestions of things you would like to see here on my blog related to fashion, hair, beauty or fitness, please let me know!





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Three trends that you definitely won’t see going away this fall. Off the shoulder tops and dresses. Embroidery on everything. And clog shoes in all different forms. And all three are here in this post. When I saw this cute off shoulder embroidered dress for such a great deal, I had to snag it. It came with a striped tie but I liked how the belt cinched the waist better. Plus it added some extra flair. And who doesn’t want that?!

If you haven’t noticed yet on my blog and Instagram, I have been wearing these shoes NON-STOP. I feel like they work with everything, shorts, dresses, and pants. And they are so comfortable! I wear them to work at the salon which for me is a big deal because there are very few heels that work for me to stand in all day! I’m tempted to get them in brown too because with how much I wear these ones, I’m sure they would get the same amount of love. (Or maybe this is one of those scenarios where I’m supposed to buy a second pair of the same shoes as a back up. I always think about doing that with certain shoes I wear the crap out of, and by the time I actually want to have a new pair, they’re sold out!)

New York Fashion Week is going to be coming up so soon! We booked where we are staying over the weekend, and ummm, we are staying in the Empire Hotel. Which is where Gossip Girl was filmed! Like um hello. Yes please. It’s so dang cute. And the rooftop has the prettiest views. I am so excited. If I get to New York and do nothing but walk down the streets and take in the views, I will be a happy girl. Something about downtowns and big buildings just makes me so happy! Don’t worry. We are going to be doing fun stuff too! Speaking of, if you have any must-dos when in New York, please let me know! I’ve never been, but I have a feeling I won’t get to everything I want to do so I’ll just have to make another trip with Ben ASAP.  😛

Have the best day!





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Top: Boohoo here; Jeans: Nordstrom here; Shoes: Forever 21 here

As I’ve mentioned lately, I’ve really been working on building my wardrobe with key pieces that can be paired with lots of different things and that I will wear all the time. So for me that has involved adding a lot of simple colors like white and black. But I make sure that it’s not just say a white or black v-neck, and then I end up with seven v-necks in different brands. There are a few things that I like to think about when building up your wardrobe.

  1. Is this a color that I can pair with lots of different things and feel like myself in? (For me this ends up being a lot of black, white, grey and blue)
  2. Does this have piece have something unique that will make it stand out? (i.e., the sleeves and frills on this top)
  3. Is it comfortable? (We all know when getting ready in a pinch we reach for something comfortable!)

Asking yourself these kinds of questions can keep your wardrobe simple but still with unique pieces that make you feel fashionable and put together when you go to get ready. For me this top answered all three of those questions with a yes! I obviously still love getting all sorts of trendy pieces that may not last as long in my closet. But I’m working to balance that out with pieces like this cold shoulder top, that might have a little more longevity and versatility!

Happy Friday!

I’m off to work and then hopefully a date with my hubs later tonight!



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Dress: Boohoo here ; Shoes: Forever 21 here (black here); Purse: Shein, almost same here

They say every girl needs an LBD (little black dress) in her closet to throw on when she needs a no fuss outfit for an event and just simply can’t figure out what to wear. That’s because it’s classic, is always the right color no matter what the event and can be the easiest choice when nothing in your closet seems to fit what you need to wear. Recently when I was attending an event, I realized I didn’t actually have any LBD’s in my closet that were right for an occasion like a wedding or other event. So I made it my mission to add a few to my closet. I first got this one but I wanted something that was a little more casual too. Aka could be worn to an outdoor summer wedding or just for everyday as well. So when I saw this one, I knew it would be perfect! And it also comes in pink and white! I have been obsessed with white everything lately so both that and the black would be perfect closet staples. And to dress them down, you could add a flannel or denim jacket around the waist with some flats or sneakers!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to spend some time with Ben. He had to go for five days to Marine training and then when he got home, he got called into work last minute when he was supposed to be off for a few days. It kind of made me realize that this whole thing isn’t going to be quite as easy as I thought. I’m ok when I know what’s happening. But when you’re at a friend’s wedding with a bunch of your best friends waiting for the dance party to start, and your hubby has to leave in the middle because he got a call while you were in line for dinner about having to go into work, that’s the kind of stuff I’m not ready for. I know it’s going to be part of our life together. But I’m not sure that it’s going to ever get easier. I just have to pray that God gives me more grace as I go through stuff like that. And I really just have to say how incredibly thankful I am for all of my girlfriends I have that just step in and send a text or hang out with me or just give me a hug when I need it. I am really so blessed.

Hope you all are having the best week, and start building that LBD collection!




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Shirt: Shein c/o here; Pants: Nordstrom here, also similar here; Sandals: Sole Society here; Purse: Shein here, pink here

This top > all other denim tops I have ever owned. Seriously. I usually opt for button up denim tops but when I saw this one, I fell in love. Because it’s denim which is a staple fabric in your closet, but it has such a cute cut and style that it doesn’t just look like another closet basic. I know this will be in heavy rotation over the next few months.

So I’m sure you all have seen the Chloe bag that looks just like this. In fact, I saw it in person today at the mall. I also saw the price tag and died a little. Check that out here. Like hello. Cray cray. So if you guys are like me and always trying to find a dupe for those expensive pieces, this is definitely it. And this pink color is so cute! It also comes in brown and a gray blue.


I am officially going to New York Fashion Week! I have been dreaming of going since before I ever started blogging, and I can’t believe I finally get to go! This will also be my first time to New York so I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going with Alena and a few other girlfriends, and if it’s everything I’m dreaming it will be, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the best girl’s trip ever! Have any of you ever been? If so, please share your tips. I just ordered these shoes to pair with all of my dresses or at least keep them handy when I’m tired from walking all day. And trying to find outfits is not so easy. I can’t tell you how many things I have scrolled through trying to find stuff. I just have to keep reminding myself though that people wear the craziest, most random things ever there so at the very least I will not be the one anyone will be starting at. 😛

Have the best week!





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Shirt: Motel Rocks c/o here

Oh NORDSTROM. Why am I just now finally seeing all of the wonderful goodness you have to offer. I won’t lie. Almost every fashion blogger shops at Nordstrom, and until recently I rarely did. I still love to find my good deals and get fun trendy pieces from all different places. But seriously I think I have been missing out a little bit. Like I’ve been saying recently, I have been working on actually picking out pieces that I will wear ALL the time instead of just getting stuff that kind of fits or is a different style than my usual, so it just ends up hanging lonely in my closet. (Only my favorite pieces that are in heavy rotation are relegated to my clothing rack on display in my room. Ahem. These jeans.) And why is everyone just so dang nice that it makes you want to be like, yes here take my money. 😛 When I first tried these jeans, I was a little hesitant because they seemed a little thin for white jeans, but after I took them home (The girl told me to just “try” them. She’s good at her job. 😛 ), I was like “Oh hello I’m in love with you. Don’t be mad if I wear you every other day.” And that I have done. And I bought similar ones in jean. And I want like seven more colors. They fit so well, make your booty look bomb, and I love how flattering the high waist is. I mean if you weren’t sold at “make your booty look bomb”, I don’t know what else to say.

Except how fun is this top?! I have been finding myself wearing all the same colors lately (Pink, white and blue. Like #america but Moxie style), so I decided I should branch out and try a different color. And this top from Motel Rocks was just the thing I needed to spice up my wardrobe. This might be the only yellow thing I own but I totally love it. And if you know me, you know I have a special spot in my heart for all things floral and boho so thanks Motel Rocks for making me branch out in my colors but still keeping it #country.

Ok. I think I need some sleep. I mean how did I go from serious and pouring my heart out in my last post to ranting about Nordstrom and making your booty look poppin’ and bringing country music into play. (BA DUM CHU. #getit #play) But I guess you know that’s just me. Serious one minute and talking about frivolous things the next. (But really ask my husband. He can tell you how fast I change subjects. :P)

In complete seriousness though, THANK YOU so much for all of your wonderful responses to my post. For all the texts and comments and love. It really means so much to me!

Have the best day!





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Top: SheIn c/o here; Jacket: Make Me Chic c/o here; Shorts: H&M here; Shoes: Boohoo here; Bag: Shein, similar here

Before I get into what today’s post is really all about. Let me just tell you that this is the perfect jacket for summer, and I’m in love with this lacy top. Ohhhh, and I can’t get enough of these shoes! So fun and such a good deal.

Ok now on to what I really want to talk about today!

This last Sunday at church, I was really stirred by what the pastor had to say. So much so that I’m taking a little turn from what you normally find in my fashion posts to talk about it. He talked about how people have become so obsessed with being authentic that in a way they are more focused on that than on talking about how God has changed them. They are so eager to be just like everyone else in order to be relatable that they’ve sort of lost sight of what God has done in their lives. And in some cases lost sight of how different their life should look with Jesus in it.

Let me explain. In this day and age where everything we do everyday is posted on Social Media whether that be Instagram, Snapchat, etc, we are always trying to be relatable to people. I have noticed quite often that people gravitate towards accounts that post all about the things going on in their lives that just suck because that makes the person on the other end feel that if they too are experiencing those feelings, that must make them “normal”. Instagram can be deceiving because lots of pretty pictures every day might make you feel like your life is less than perfect. But find an account with pretty pictures but captions about how the day really went when that picture was taken, and all of the sudden, you are being real so people are drawn to you. Carry this over into real life, and we spend our time with our friends recounting how much our lives suck and well at least we’re all in this together.

But I want to challenge that. I want to say that there’s a reason that I don’t have to write captions that tell you how hard life is every day. And you wanna know what, it’s because it’s not.  BUT the reason why it isn’t is not because my life is perfect. No far from it. It is because I serve a God who works all things together for His good, who gives me joy in the midst of trials and who has redeemed every hard situation I’ve been through.

You want real? Let me tell you a few things I could talk about.

I could tell you how living apart from my husband for three months was terrible. How it’s not fair that he picked a job where he doesn’t come home every night, and that all my friends get to go everywhere with their husbands, and I’m often alone.

I could tell you how I struggled with my weight and constantly thinking about food and the way I looked everyday and feeling inadequate and insecure.

I could tell you how I’m bitter that it took longer than I planned to find a husband.

I could tell you how I went through something that left me scared to be alone in my own home and how I couldn’t sleep at night without having bad dreams.

I could go on but I won’t.

BECAUSE GUESS WHAT? That might be what could have happened, but it’s not how everything turned out because my God is bigger than all of those things. I am so incredibly blessed to be married to a man who has a heart for people to serve them and help them and if that means being alone sometimes, I choose to be joyful because I know God brought us together and that we need to support one another in everything we do. I have learned to allow God have control of my mind and my thoughts about myself and to know to the very core of my being that He made me and loves me just the way I am. During the time I was single, I made some of the best memories of my life with a group of girls that I am forever indebted to for making my life so much fun. And God literally delivered me from all of my fears, and every night when I go to sleep, whether Ben is next to me or not, I know that a God who is bigger than every fear I have, real or made up, is watching out for me.

And that my friends is what I want to call authentic. Yes, I want to be relatable. Life is by no means easy. Trust me. I know. But glorifying the things that are hard and dwelling on them and becoming bitter doesn’t make you more real. It just leaves you empty. God wants you to bring those very real emotions and feelings to Him so that he can CHANGE them. And then we can shout from the rooftops that we once were broken but now we are whole. And that kind of authenticity is what will bring hope.

And don’t you think the world could use a little more of that?

All my love!






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Tank: Nordstrom here; Leggings: Nordstrom here; Chambray: Old, similar here; Sunnies: Asos (on sale!) here; Shoes: Reebok, sold out, similar here

This post is coming to you with urgency. Because you’ve only got one more day to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And if you buy nothing other than these leather leggings by Spanx, your fall wardrobe will thank you. I have bought my fair share of leather leggings, and they are never quite right. Too stiff, too thin, too see through, too shiny. You name it. I’ve had them all. And if I had known about these ones, maybe I would have taken all the money I spent on each bad pair and invested in a good pair! I rarely make plans when it comes to my shopping habits, but lately I have been trying to fill my closet with key pieces that I will wear again and again. And these leather leggings are for sure just that. They feel just like workout pants, are lined on the inside, and are high-waisted.  And since they are made by Spanx, you know they make your bum and legs look fab. I am short so I did have to fold the bottoms up but you can’t tell. They are the best leather leggings for fall, and I love them for looks like this but I also know I will be pairing them with booties and sweaters too!

This Nike tank is also part of the anniversary sale so make sure you snag one if you have had that on your radar too!  😛

Also, if you haven’t gotten on the Reebok Classics train, you should. These shoes are so comfy and perfect for pairing with so many looks. I love styling them for atheleisure wear (yes that’s a thing)  but they are also so cute paired with a dress for a sporty look. They come in so many different colors too!

Today was back to work for me, and every time I have a little break and then go back I am reminded how blessed I am to have a job that I love! I barely ever dread going to work, and I get to be creative and hang out with fun people and make them feel pretty. And then on the flip side, I do get to make my own schedule and go on trips and have time for other things like this blog!

Hope you all are having the best weekend!






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Dress: ChicWish c/o here, also in white here; Shoes: Forever 21, similar hereIam

I have been loving the embroidery trends that I have been seeing around everywhere, and this embroidered off shoulder dress is no exception. I love a dress like this that’s a one and done look. The dress speaks for itself so you don’t really need much else. I mean except to maybe be strolling through a tropical jungle in Cancun. I paired it with one of my favorite pair of sandals but it would also be cute with some wedges or platforms!

I got so excited when I was browsing the Shopbop and Revolve websites and actually realized this dress was a total dupe for a more expensive version. Every time I discover that little fact about a dress, I want to scream it from the rooftops and let everyone know. Because what makes a clothing item better than it already is?! Realizing how much it could have cost but didn’t, of course. 😛 You can see how similar the Shopbop and Revolve versions are here and here.

This week has been so nice to be home with Ben, just doing normal life stuff. He starts his first shift tomorrow, and I’m so excited for him! Crazy that he is starting his dream job finally. It took a lot of work and sacrifice but it also seems like it came so fast when I look back!

P.S. Have any of you ever been to NYFW?! I am hopefully planning a trip there next month but I’ve never ever been so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Happy weekending!





thumb_IMG_3238_1024thumb_IMG_3246_1024 thumb_IMG_3240_1024 thumb_IMG_3247_1024 thumb_IMG_3248_1024thumb_IMG_3253_1024 thumb_IMG_3249_1024 thumb_IMG_3252_1024 thumb_IMG_3254_1024


My favorite outfits are always the most simple ones. And you add a statement pair of shoes and you are set! I waited for a while to pull the trigger on getting these Levi’s 721 jeans, and I’m so glad I finally did. I always know that if I keep thinking about something for a few months then it’s probably something I will actually wear all the time so it’s worth the investment. I will be getting them hemmed though. Does anyone else have this problem?! I am so short that almost every time I buy a pair they have to be rolled. 😛 This top is supposed to have little straps over the shoulder but they weren’t quite in the right spot for my shoulders so I ended up just tucking them in. And since it was under $10 I can’t complain!

BEN IS DONE WITH THE FIRE ACADEMY! He had his graduation on Tuesday, and it was so special. I am so proud of him and what he accomplished. He is going to be the best firefighter out there, I just know it. With his shift assignment, he doesn’t have to start work until Saturday so we are getting to hang out this week, and it’s the best. I took most of the week off so that we could celebrate. We are mostly just hanging around the house and getting things back together but nothing beats just being together and knowing that we made it through this season. God really blessed us and gave us so much grace for this season, and I am so thankful.

Hope you all are having the best week!




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